DanielC101's "Revolution"


Ok, back to my original regimen of water of juice, with meals.

Workout for the night, starting with a low volume:

3 sets of 20 pushups,
2 sets of 15 crunches,
3 sets of 30 non-weighted squats,
2 sets of 15 side crunches,
3 sets of back extensions

Basically, since there is so much going on with preparations for the 2007 Cricket World Cup, all facilities are in use right now, offlimits since Janurary 31st, so there is no outdoor track and field season locally this year. The only meets are regionally (Carifta, CAC juniors, Austin Sealy Classics and others) and internationally (World Junior Champs, and others)

Hopefully I will be fit in time for CAC juniors and others, but Im really focusing this year as being my revolution year, training, training and more training, wherever I can, whenever I can.

First step- Get in general shape
Second step- Do some general endurance Training
Third-Speed Training
Fourth-Special endurance training
Fifth-sub 10.5

Im getting there man, lost 5 lbs in one week just by subsituting the regular sodas with more water and unsweetened fruit juices (freshly squeezed by myself) and doing fitness workouts every moring and night, similar to the one I posted before.

3 sets of 20 pushups,
2 sets of 15 crunches,
3 sets of 30 non-weighted squats,
2 sets of 15 side crunches,
3 sets of back extensions

So now im down to 190! :smiley:

This week I’ll gradually start doing some flying 10, 30 & 50 metre runs to get my body tuned to high speeds again after such a long break.

Ive been patiently waiting for a track to explode on… :cool:

Ive decided to start back this journal. Right now im at 205-210 lbs due to slacking on my training, and my diet has been ridiculously poor.

My goal is to get back to my optimal 180-185 lbs. I have set my deadline as December 31st.

I have strayed too much from my roots, I was raised on purely local (Caribbean) food and had an active lifestyle, but the foreign culture of sodas, burgers and laziness got to me. Here are some recommitments I will make:

  1. My liquid intake will be exclusively water and fruits. Goodbye Sprite.

  2. Goodbye rice and white bread. Just whole grain/wheat bread now.

  3. No more artificial anything.

  4. Morning and Afternoon exercises (General fitness training) will come back into effect.

  5. Diet will be more balanced.

Thats about it. I will track my progress with reports every night and pictures at the end of every week from today until December 31st.

Here’s a picture Daniel sent me earlier this week, that I thought I might share. Daniel is the one to the right. Good luck on your new diet!

:eek: holy heck the minimum loss there is 20lbs, that is a lot in just over a month, good luck but do you think that is realistic? :cool:

Thor!! I thought I told you not to show anyone that pic!! :mad: :mad: :stuck_out_tongue:

Well I have made a 15lbs loss in three weeks before, following the same principles, so 20 lbs in a little over a month seems attainable.

Recap of today:

-Only liquid I drank was water, and lots of it, except for some fruit punch at recess.

-Only junk food for the day was one pizza, besides that it was wholesome foods like yam, steam fish etc.

-Did some run outs at home in the afternoon. I realize that I used to force my knee lifts to go very high, now Im running more “natural” and it feels much more efficient and comfortable!

If you lose 20lbs in a month alot of it is going to be water and muscle. Losing 20lbs of muscle requires about a 70,000 calorie deficit or 2,000+ calorie deficit per day.

I could lose 20lbs in one or days but it would all be water (wrestling and powerlifting ‘cutting’ is fun…right).


except for some fruit punch at recess.

This quote has to go in the Charlie Francis Hall Of Fame!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Ahh but losing this “water” weight is exactly my goal. Its the only way to get to get back to my optimum weight since I have gained all my excess weight mostly due to a careless high carb diet (lots of junk food). As long as the weight is gone for good (which it will be) then im ok. It would be a problem if i put it all back on, but thats not going to happen as long as I eat healthy, I dont even have to do much excercise.

Today was great, I stuck to my diet completely, and in the afternoon I was able to do some general fitness training at home:

2 minute Mid-intensity 15 meter shuttle run and dynamic stretches for Warm-up

I did three sets of three exercises, 30 seconds per exercise, and 5 minutes rest between sets.

Pushups (32 reps)
Situps (38 reps)
Non-weighted squats (28 reps)

After the final set I rested for about 6 minutes, then I did some high intensity 15m shuttle runs.

jogging 15m shuttle for warmdown, followed by static stretches.

Tomorrow, I will add a morning session as well.

Hey Daniel what’s happening? I hope ur not quiting. JUST REMEMBER : WINNERS NEVER QUIT AND QUITERS NEVER WIN.

Nah man, Im not a quitter. Im just posting my progress at the end of every week (Sunday) instead of every night.

i like that quote, i remember when i was in the 9th grade and wanted to quit fb that next morning that quote was hanging in my bathroom mirror by my mom - still have it till this day.

Hey Daniel,

I hope training is going good. Don’t get too obsessed about your weight, instead get obsessed about training well. I’m sure you will achieve your goals so long as you can put a plan in place and follow it. I want to see you at those world junior champs!

Thanks for the encouragement and advice.

I admit at first I was abit too obsessed about the weight loss, instead of gradually increasing intensity of my training, I went right into mid-high intensity and It took a toll on me.

From tonight, I’ll start to focus more on quality over quantity in terms of reps and sets. If I am not barred by injury I am confident that I will be able to qualify for the following World Youth and World Juniors.

Ok, its time for the weekly update.

This week has been great except for some morning aches on the first few days due to mid-high intensity night workouts. The past few days have been much better since I took tc’s advice and focused more on quality instead of quantity.

My workouts are basically like this:

800m jog to warm up,

a few static stretches followed by thorough dynamic stretching,

5 30m runouts at mid intensity (flying start)

3-5 minute rest

3 sets of:

20 pushups
35 crunches
15 pullups
40 non weighted squats

(5 Minute rest between each set)

800m slow paced trod for Warmdown,
minor dynamic stretching,
extensive static stretching

Diet is basically:

-one glass of water
-one glass of milk
-two slices of whole wheat bread
-chicken sausage etc.

-some water
-Fruit (usually orange/banana)

-1 serving of Fish/Chicken/callaloo soup
-two glasses of water

-one glass of water
-unsalted peanuts

-1 serving of Fish/chicken
-two glasses of water

-Sandwich with home made Guava Jelly
-one glass of water

Week 1 Weigh in:

200lbs :smiley: (5lbs loss)


What events do you compete in? What are your WJ qualifiers?