Dan Pfaff

Here is a Dan Pfaff lecture I found on Youtube


Thanks for that. I came across this a few months ago but forgot about it b/c I didn’t favorite it or mark it- read it later on my smart phone. My Bad!

I just watched part 1. Great Stuff.

I’ll make time to watch the other 7 or so within the next 48 hours.

Too bad D Bailey hesitated in the blocks like Bolt JAM Trials…otherwise he may have gone on to a 9.79 himself. Either way… that was one for the Ages!

Edit: RE: 96 ATL OLY Final

I myself have only been able to go through part 2. Its interesting when he talks about the patterning and preparation for weights. How Donovan took more sets to prepare for weights because he didnt do the med ball and Bruny and Obedele were quicker to transition. Have other coaches noticed this?

Noticed what part? Highly individualized programs for the elite? That has always been the norm
BTW, watched them all like I said I would. 1st time I just go through it. 2nd time I take notes.

He was juggling the 3 personalities all at the same time. Juggling a lot of balls. Being a coach at that level must be like being on a unicycle and juggling about 6 balls.
His Programs and methods have stood the test of time.

In contrast:

Lord knows in the last 11 years we have seen our fair share of ‘Gurus’ that have come through this site and the ones that have not… but their methods were discussed here also. Some even preached/Marketed the opposite…they sit at their desks and have the athletes do some of their exercises on a stability ball/Unicycle or what have you :wink:

more later…

What I meant was more about the patterning and preparation for the weights with the use of MB. It was my mistake its talked about in Part 3. For the coaches that use MB, are the athletes that complete throws before weights better able to move when completing the initial weight sets then the ones who are not completing MB throws. Coach Pfaff talks about how Donovan took more sets in weights before he was moving properly under the bar when only moving from sprints to weights vs the others who completed MB throws first before weights.

You are right, in the later parts he talks about the individual needs of those specific guys and how their bodies reacted to workouts and their work ethic. Its amazing what he was able to achieve. Very smart coach