Damn im rollin, my 4month-training stats! im made for this!

allright, 4months of intense training now, both gym and track

today, i ran 2* 60 meters in 6.23 and 6.26 each, (handtimed)

coach said its worth a sub-7 FAT :wink: not bad huh

he said ‘theoretically’ i could do a 10.50 FAT in summer season

At the end of the training session, ( 260, 250, 240, 230, 220, 210) we did 2*80m, there i got 8.33 and 8.6(?don remember)

all this from start blocks but timed when 1st movement.

this is improvement for me! 18/12/04 is competition indoor 60m, and 200m.
i will tell then.

u guys, some critics pls

btw my squat is 120kg, 2 * 10 reps

bump bump

How old are you? How long have you been doing track? Are you asking questions here because you don’t think your coach is doing a good job? What exactly would you like to know? Can you post more workouts? How about weights etc? The more specific you are with your questions, the more specific you answers will be.

my mistake, here is some past post of mine about my 1st month training

CF-forum post

all together, i turned 22 now, started training 4months ago
ive allways liked sprints very much in youth, ive allways been 1st in school and high-school, so perhaps my psychology is different from others. i dont know what made the difference between me and the others then. my coach says it has nothing to do with skin-colour, as i am a half-blooded african-european.

now, training is 3 times/week: track
2 times/week: Gym


Monday-> at noon: Start blocks 2 times 6 * 30 m, and 2 times 6* 30m with ELASTIC.

in the evening:
either a 6 * 80m (with stepping back as recup) , or a 3*180meters (10m recup)

Wednesday-> Start blocks: 2* 10, 2* 20, 2* 30, 240, 2 50, 2*60, 1 or 2 80’s

or Reverse training: start with 260… 210 AND at the end 2*80.

Friday-> 4 times this: a 50m flye followed by a 30m jog then again 50 m flye! (walkin recup)

Id say the most difficult part is the 6*80meters, that is just literally tearing my body up, how awful… I totally lack endurance as well as fast ATP-reconstructive-processus
coach says those will quickly come

Now, gym

Thursday and Saturday:

Basically general fitness , abs, push ups tractions, etc

and essentially Legs! Squats (warming up) then 2*10 of 75%1RM
same with Hamstring-curls
add-and abductor work… plain simple, thats it.

now what can u say about this improvement i find very satisfactory for now

Your gym workouts should be on Track days. I don’t really see any need for having 2 track workouts in one day so if you can ditch one and move the weights into that section. Do tempo on the non track days. The improvment may be good, but is it optimal? Could you perhaps be running a 10.30 outdoors this year? Anyways, keep posting your workouts and the members on the forum here will help you along as you go. Keep up the hard work.

interesting. im going to look up the info i need about what u just mentioned (having both the same day).

a 10.30, after 10months of training? that sounds outrageous doesnt it? i wonder, has anyone ever accomplished this before?
this is not gigantic,this is Gargentuesque…!!
and tx for replying, i appreciate it

5.10 at 50m from blocks today!

i gave it all

is this good? what is this worht?


it seems few ppl respond to this, maybe im sounding too ‘self-elevating’ or smt.
just ignore the elevating-part then

Aint that mean 6.10 60m?
If so than your doing like 10.2 HT!!!
Thats great man

hehe baya, no infact i did a 10.4x at that 100m, with 5.10 at 50m
i lack endurance!

Oh!because for me my endurance is better than my acc
But hey 10.4 is blazing my friend ,you dont have to ask for others opinions lol

its not that blazing man, its worth a mere 10.90 at best

anyways, i will work on that soon, lets c the 60 meters now :wink:

saturday 1st competition!

good luck in ur comp!

So, what was your result?

well well well, humpty bumpty got back to reality there :wink:

i had a very good start, the best of the group actually, and this was going for a sub7, But then, at around 20meters, i had the impression they came from behind me and were going to pass me, i tightened up, tried to boost my running by being more crappy, i got low, and i finished 4th…
with a 7.20, 1st having 7.08 ( and training for Years!)

so after all, i was really glad i had an amazing start, and that i realised so many things from this. i have to work my way up now. Also, what we discovered is that i have none or few pre-competition stress, but alot of stress in the race, specially after 20m zone, so we’ll work on that by having lots of comps, and practising training being realistic etc.
but u know, all-in -all i was really glad the way things turned out after the race, i was glad.
Lots of information about myself and my running, lots of work to do!

if u want i can post a vid here soon

thats great man congrats!
and ya a video would be cool,let us see how you did man.

You see guys, this is why I don’t fall into the ‘times in training trap’. Unless your runs are electronically timed you can never start predicting times for indoors or out.

U say you ran 6.2 (hand timed 60m) yet you didn’t manage to break 7…that tells me that your times in training have been over exagerated/miss timed by your coach. I’ve had this happen to me in the past and what happens is that you go to a comp/race with a ‘false sense of security’. Then when you do race, you run swag and start to ask questions about where you really are at (in terms of TRUE performances). Were these runs flying 60’s or from 3 point/block start?? I train with a guy that has posted 6.4 hand timed in training and has a PB of 6.63FAT…this is realistic. Don’t get caught up with times…think more about execution of technique and the times will come.

u got me wrong, but u r right on this one though.

yet, these non-fat times were correct, didnt u read my competition-post?

anyways, i know what to work on now

ok i have the vid

how do i put in on the net?