D. Howard

Watching the slam dunk contest, this young fella D. Howard is a Meast!!!

D. Howard is making me sick!! If the fans only knew how hard it is to dunk barefoot, green should have gotten more points.

Ya dunking barefoot is good, but he did same dunk back to back, bad timing for him. Dwight deserved it, craziness.

man its crazy never seen a big man jump so high and far.

Wasn’t it last year when he put a sticker on the glass above the box?

your right, hes a freak.

That’s gotta be in my top 3 favorite dunk contests ever if not the best ever just because of D-12.

Dwight’s showing was definitely the most creative I’ve ever seen by far.

Dude a beast.

at 6’11 hes amazing, most big men dont look amazing in dunk contest.

the nba suck, they need to grant this meast his wish and let him dunk on 12ft rim.

this is also Mad :stuck_out_tongue:

Yea…the one that wasn’t “good enough” to get him into finals :rolleyes:

its funny you posted that pic i wanted to post it lastnite but file was too large, only if the fans knew how hard it is to dunk barefoot. Lower leg/foot strength is not a weakness for him. :slight_smile:


I’m sorry this might be the best dunk I have ever seen!


Deserved an honorable mention (wait until the replay when he blows out the candle).

That is incredible. All the more impressive with the cape and the fact that he did it on the first try. The only criticism I have of it is that the ball bounced inside the rim before dropping through, and It would be slightly better if the ball went through more cleanly.

The most impressive athletic dunking I’ve seen was by a high-school kid. Unfortunately, this was in 2000 and I don’t have his name or videos anymore. He was a highjumper/longjumper and basketball player.

He was somewhere in the height of 6’9 or 6’10, and weighed 160 if I recall correctly. He was easily replicating all the dunks Vince Carter did in his winning dunk competition. This kid could almost casually dunk from the free throw line, and I think he managed a couple from about three feet behind the free throw line. He did it like a long jumper and not a basketball player: very fast run-up, drops hips on a shorter penultimate step, and big explosion off the floor without losing much speed.

James White

Hands down the best dunker I have ever ever seen

Dig 'em at youtube

James White put on a show at the college dunk contest that one year.

I loved Dwight’s creativity last night. The left handed tip off the board and dunk with right was amazing. I don’t think many people realize how hard that would be.

I wish he would have done his kiss the rim windmill for his last dunk though.

the best dunker by far