Cycling/Spinning's affect on twitch fiber? (CHARLIE!HELP)

Hi, I have recently been going to spinning classes at the gym on my tempo days but I was wondering will these classes affect my fast twitch fibers? They are good for melting fat and pretty fun, the class lasts about 30-45mins at different speeds and resistances on the bike. Please let me know, if I am jeopardizing my sprint training. Thanks

I’d like to know this as well. Thr gym I am currently working at has these spinning classes and a few clients I have whom some which have goals of increasing strength as well as imporving cardio swear by it 2x week. I told them that this aerobic end, work will have a neg. affect on their max strength but since there not athletes I do not see it being that big a problem.

A little off topic, but…

Apparently sprinters can do overspeed training on bikes. Lower the resistance and then move your legs as fast as possible. Anybody tried this?

I dont think this would have any crossover to sprinting since its been said almost anyone can move there legs fast enough to run sub 10 however with resistence strength and power etc. become the issue.

I know a sprinter-group that used spinning during gpp, the coach there don´t like pure speedtraining but do mostly intensive tempo, I disagree with his metodhs.
I belive this is a sort of endurance you don´t need as a sprinter.
If as you say it´s about 30-40 min, that´s more longdistance work. Insted you could use the bike for tempointervalls, like Charlies tempo runs. Spin 10-20 secs rest, then spin etc…maybe stay around 75-80%.
If you are a sprinter, stay away from pure spinning seassionclasses, they are not sprintcoaches, it´s to intensive endurance to.