Cutting Short phases

What do you do with an athlete who hasn’t been improving, but you realize that there is a very important part of his training missing, for example his cardiovasc. resistance is shot, but he’s more motivated at getting better, than batman is about savin the city, (omit the batman mention… just got back from batman begins… it rocks)

Should the phase which he is is which is suppoaedly a competitive fase, but we have discovered a lot of gpp work missing, as in low recuperation low cardiac output etc…

The question is,… let him run himself into shape, or pull him out and then run him into gpp and then take him back to the track???


It would depend if he had a ong competitive season or if it was aa one or two peak .

It it was a one peak - I would race him into shape where as if you had a two peak, I wuold work in some GPP

That is what I would try to do and at the same time try to build up the athltes confidence more so he or she does not go to the line comfortable

I have to admit that that is my current problem, my SE is really bad, and to tell the truth I’m running the 100 and by the time I hit the 45-55 mt mark I’m “tired” and my recovery isn’t all that good.

I’m thinking that a good GPP phase might help, although I’m not sure if this would take away from my sprinting, because I don’t “have” to sprint, but I do have interfaculty meets and the metropolitan and national denstistry meets which are my objective this year, and the metropolitan meet is about a month away.

when you say run him in to shape, does that mean that the workouts should revolve only around conditioning work? And wouldn’t GPP be a better means of putting someone back into shape then just conditioning work?

Maybe some fartlek running could help your problem along w/ some other drills that work your CV endurance.

run him into shape refers to getting the speed endurance in place by using the races as training sessions, and forgetting about the times being run in the races rather than pulling him out of the races, getting the GPP and SE in place and then getting him racing again

I did something like that last year…i was out with injury for 8 weeks and had lost alot of fitness and speed. I wanted to salvage something out of the hard winter training that I did. I used 200’s as strength building and speed endurance, and built on my speed with the competition 100’s. I ended up running really well for someone who was out for 2 months.

Hope this helps…