Has anyone discovered any affects good or bad, associated with cupping?

Are there any recommendations with regards to timeframes for treatments before or after competing or training?

Is the bruising affect only on the skin surface, or does it have an affect on the muscles ability to contract efficiently?

I recently suffered some numbness on my quad/itb area which lasted a few days, I suspect this is not ideal??

Are there some areas on the body which should not be cupped?

I have searched the archives and not found anything of note…


I believe you are talking about the massage technique. They are trying to seperate you fascia from your muscle I think. Its a different way to do things. I would say that if you are feeling numbness afterwords, that is probalbly not a good thing. Bruising I would bet would be very common.

Is there a reason why you are gettin that done? Did your massage person tell you about anything?

I suppose what I’m trying to establish with regards to other differences between massage and cupping?