cross country for a sprinter/400m runner?

My second year of college we got a new coach and he made me run cross country for my last 3 years. I was wondering is cross country usually beneficial for a 400m runner?
Seems like it would mess up your fast twitch fibers in my opinion.


To cut a long story short: No. Avoid XC like the Plague.

I ran cross country my senior year in high school and I dropped my 400 about 3.5 seconds. I thought it helped me quite well. The program I ran is one of the best in the U.S. for high schools, so maybe that had something to do with it. I also sprinted 2x a week during cross country, so I don’t know if that helped too.

i agree with you gf,

y400- you were sprinting throughout the year- that was the strength of the program.

thanks for the advice, thats what i thought.
I just hope I can reverse the effects of cross country now.

Just say no to xc.

Pioneer, the Dean of all coaches thinks that it will provide that much needed strength at the end of a 60m or 100. Who cares what place you get or time, as long as you are strong enough to finish good for the cameras! Nothing like dropping a 5:30min/mile paced 100m!!! Go Saint 2

Dlive11, I would think that such a strength oriented regimen as those set forth by the great mulleted one would be ideal for improving both maximal acceleration capacity and max. velocity. After all the guy with more endurance is known to be stronger than the other guy. The true definition of strength is not about weight room but about ripping off consecutive 6 minute miles-wow!!! Who needs speed in track-it’s so overrated! Especially the 100. I mean what can 30m and 60m in training do that cannot more easily be accomplished by high mileage towards a truly outstanding 100m performance?

The oxygen deprivation to the brain from severe distance work obviously causes lasting damage!

I allow my athletes to run not race x-c or fun runs if they want to, but they do it only if it doens’t interfere with track sessions.

I also tell I perfer them not to do it.

Charlie has a point. The damage from O2 deprivation obviously limits the speech patterns as well. Just think back to the mulletted one’s lack of conversation at the restraunt. It is sad that most of his conversations occur through telepathy.

lol, you guys are funny. But I agree, however being that my coach was supposed to have years of experience he did not want to be argued with. Afterall, “Strength makes speed!!” Experience doesn’t lie.