Critique Program

Please critique my strength training program :slight_smile:

Phase One: The Power

Day One
Clean and Jerk 5x2 @80%
Full Back Squat 4x3 @80%+
Bench Press 5x2 @80%+
Close Grip Chin ups 3xfailure
GHR 6x3 @80%

Day Two Rest

Day Three
Clean and Jerk 5x2 @80%
Wide Grip Deadlift 5x3 @80%
Close Grip Bench 6x3 @60%
Wide Grip Chin ups 3xfailure
GHR 6x3 @80%

Day Four Rest

Day Five
Snatch 10x2 @50%
Jump Squat 10x3 @50%
Bench Press 10x3 @50%
Close Grip Chin ups 10x3
GHR 10x4 @50%

Day Six and Seven Rest

good exercise selection.
why jump squats @60%?

Sorry it was meant to be at 50%

ill edit it now

thanks for feedback

what are you training for? also 50% is still high for that exercise. More like 20%

Are you considering your bodyweight (specifically non-lean muscle mass) for your squat jumps? If you’re a heavier guy, this could create problems. I believe the research says when you’re squatting you are pushing about 75% of your own bodyweight and on jumps it’s obviously (impact wise) going to be 100% of bodyweight + gravity, so if you add your bodyweight to the jump impact plus your squat % you’re starting to get pretty heavy. I’ll always go for lighter on a barbell squat jump. Michael Boyle has a pretty bright formula (albeit a bit conservative) on squat jump load:

[(Squat + Bodyweight) x .4] - bodyweight = jump squat weight

I think there still has to be consideration for fat mass vs lean mass as bodyweight and consideration towards training age, etc., but Michael’s formula will give you a much better standard and his experience gives him the ability to give more broad suggestions than mine. Also make sure to not (for whichever way you decide to do the barbell squat jumps) create hesitation on the jump. The higher loads will tend to do this and will decrease the effectiveness of the exercise. Most people want to slow the weight on the descent so be careful to not remove the stretch-reflex from the movement. As Charlie has said, you don’t want to spin your wheels and not go anywhere.

Sounds like DB Hammernese…must appropriate weight haha

So are you saying that Michael Boyle is DB Hammer now? :smiley: :smiley: I thought we agreed it was David Brad Nutall? Or Erik Lukas? Or Kelly Baggett? Or You? :smiley: :smiley: But seriously, let’s not hi-jack this thread.

Yeah speed good point!!! I like to go on the lighter side of things as well to make sure these guys are not losing that stretch-reflex during the jumps and then in subsequent workouts i may move the weight up by 2-3%.

That’s a good guideline to use. Good thinking.

Thanks for the feedback guys, i new there was something wrong with the jumpsquat % but i wasnt quite sure what.

Ill edit my program on my word doc to make it 20%-30%

Seriously the advice is greatly apreciated. :slight_smile:

ps speed kills i just upped your rep power.

Why so light on the snatches? Are you new to them, still learning technique?

these are jump squats, if i am not mistaken with 20-30%BW…