Critique my strength plan please.

I’m a soccer player, and have one game left of the season. Planning my strength work for the off-season. Would be really glad if someone would comment. I believe that some hypertrophy would be ok, but my main focus is to increase relative strength and I need power. Not really sure if this matters to the program, but I believe I’m a hardgainer and need high volume to put on muscle. I’m a midfielder and have good aerobic fitness level, but I’m lacking in power.

My acceleration is poor. Through sprint training I believe I’ve managed to improve max speed, but guess I need to improve strength to improve early acceleration. I don’t believe I need a period of anatomical adaption. Have done some strength work during the season and I will work on technique and adaption until I start this program Monday 15. October.

I will try to do some sprints before these workouts if I have the time to do them. 10- 30 meter, 1 min rest per 10 meter, volum not going over 200 m per session.
Some ab work and shoulder stability will be done at the end of the sessions.
Never training to failure. Don’t like too use % of 1RM to plan intensity.
Easy is stopping 3-4 reps before failure.
Medium 2-3 reps before failure.
Heavy 1-2 reps before failure.

Week 1: 7 reps, 3 sets,
Week 2: 6 reps, 3 sets,
Week 3: 5 reps, 3 sets,
Week 4: 7 reps, 4 sets,
Week 5: 6 reps, 4 sets,
Week 6: 5 reps, 4 sets,
Week 7: 4 reps, 4 sets,
Week 8: 3 reps, 4 sets,
Week 9: 2 reps, 4 sets,
Week 10: Max testing
Week 11 and 12: Maintance, some sprinting, some plyos, maybe some sled work, some weights, high volumes of tempo in this period.
Week 13: Starting new program. More soccer and lower volume of strength.

Ham curls on ball will be 8- 12 reps.
Power cleans and push presses will always be done with 3 reps.

Monday: Heavy day
Max strength training with long rest (3-5 min):
Power clean
Full back squat
Bench press
Circle training low rest periods (1-2 min):
Romanian deadlift
Military press
Bent over barbell rows

Wednesday: Easy day
Max strength training with long rest (3-5 min):
Hang clean + front squat
Push press
Circle training low rest periods (1-2min):
Hamstring curl on fysioball. (two leg concentric, one leg eccentric)
Push- up variation

Friday: Medium day
Max strength training with long rest (3-5 min):
Half squat + 4 box jumps (complex, 2 min rest between lifting and plyo)
Bench press + 4 plyo push-ups (complex, 2 min rest between lifting and plyo)
Bulgarian lunges
Circle training low rest periods (1-2 min):
Military press
Bent over barbell rows or chins
Romanian deadlifts

Any comments?? Is the reps and sets plan ok? Too much cns stress? Is the use of circle ok, or will force development decrease alot because of depleted ATP levels?

as i said… i got a tryout bizzard soccer when i was 17, so i will assume i know soccer…

30 metre accel 10 walk x 6
30 metre accel w-ball 10 walk x6
rest 6min…
50 accel on runing surface 3 min rec x 6

4 w-outs per 10 days…

ciao… forza italia