Critique my start form

does anyone know how to turn a mpg into an animate gif??? or how to upload a 2.something meg mpg??

here we go got the movies in mpeg form, and down under a meg, shows my start from the side, and my start and first 10-20mt.

The background is the National Stadium in Santiago, Chile. Athletics practice for the Universidad de Chile.

Can someone give me a hand uploading this, or hosting it or something??? cos it isn’t a “valid file extension”

I think the best you can do is to contact the moderator of the video-section, which barring some recent changes is fjlee.

email it to me. My email is on my profile.

Here you go

It would be nice to get a true side on shot as this would help a lot.

There’s a lot of unsteadiness which often suggests a lot of weight on the hands. The back foot also looks a little loose.

Just before you start you can see how your weight transfers backwards. This is because you have too much weight forwards. This will cost you precious time.

You need to use the 2 step front pedal and 3 step back pedal, and load yourself into the blocks. Come up slowly and keep yourself nicely balanced.

Once you get this right things should quickly fall into place for you as you seem quite naturally talented.

Send me a side shot and I will put this up too. I think it will help a lot.

thanks for the analysis Dave, and also, thanks for those kind words “as you seem naturally talented”. I hadn’t spotted that backwards weight transfer before starting, however with regards to the unsteadiness, I think that may be partially due to my telling my mate how to get the camera to work. As for the pedals, they are set on 2 step front and 3 back.

I’ll work on my starts this week, and should have a new video by next week, and we’ll se if I’ve gotten any better, also perhaps, maybe it’s just my impression, but I’m not getting my lead arm high ebough, I’m not flicking it out. Did you watch the second part of the video Dave, because I think that my start in the second one is a bit better.

Thanks for all the help,


There is a lot of movement in all directions (up, down, forward, back) which probably contributes to the "wind up you do before the start- a killer as you’re initially going backwards when the rest are going forward and you must overcome the backward forces. A bigger spread between the feet would likely help you find a steady position. Practice comming up to the set position and holding it perfectly still for 3 or 4 seconds- then stand up and repeat a number of times without any actual starts. This can be done on a tempo day, as you aren’t actually going- then you can try to incorporate what you’ve perfected the following day.

That is GREAT advice! I would have never thought of doing that on tempo days…

thanks for the advice charlie. When you say a bigger spread between the feet, do you mean having my feet wider apart, or separating the blocks a little more??

Even better, do it at home in front of a mirror, 2-3 times a week. It really helps establish a correlation between look and feel. Many people get quite a shock from this as they have a totally different picture of themselves.

If you look right you normally feel right. Its good to use an extra sense in getting this to happen.

He means that your feet look too close together and that is why you are struggling to stay in your set position. i.e. The block pedals are too close together.

This is one of the things I suspected, it doesn’t look like the standard 2-3 setting and that’s why a side on shot would be helpful.

You need to be very comfortable in the set position. No shaking, no discomfort. Just ready to explode - in a forward direction.

okay, here is a foto of me at my last meet it was about 3 weeks ago

and yes that is my sponsor. Don’t ask me how after only 2 months of training I already have a sponsor