Critique my routine.

Can anyone critique my routine that I started to prepare for summer outdoor track and field(100 meter dash is what I’m training for)? I do it 2 times a week along with basketball. I’m about to turn 15 and I’m 5 foot 10 and I weigh 160 pounds. Each weight lifting exercise has 3 sets and 10 reps. Here it is:

Chest press
backwards seated row
Leg press
Bicep curls
Tricep exstentions
Leg curls
Ab wheel

6x40 yard dash( might change to 3x40yard dash,3x100meter dash, 12 weeks before my first race.)
Rim Jumps 3x15
lateral cone hops 3x10
Tuck jumps 3x10

Each plyometric and sprint exercise is done with a 6 pound weighted belt.

first race is in June, so what do you guys think?

mmmm no offense but in two words…no good…

How come it is no good… .?
Let me remind you I’m doing this program for speed not strength

Bicep curls have no functional purpose, and leg curls arent much better. Also your plyo reps are pretty high(15 reps, id top out at ten and also id drop the basketball because you engage in a lot of plyometric activity in basketball. Your running and weight training isnt periodized, nor do you list what days you plan to do which and in which order. Also from my impression all of your weight training is with machines and while i guess this is ok for now itd be much better to use free weights as because of the greater nervous system stimulation and because of the instability makes for greater strength gains as well. you set and rep range is actually appropriate, congratulations(im being serious not sarcastic), for the accumulation phase as you seem a little slight for a 5’10 100m sprinter even though your only 15. Your best bet would be to buy Any of Charlie Francis’s books and his new DVD as well as Christian Thib’s book’s. They are both excelent. Also look at the training logs section of some more experienced runners and look at their set up. The basic format is this however.
for running
Acc. Dev(gotta hav speed before you can maintain it)===>Top Speed Development====>Speed/Special Endurance, then either enter a maintainance phase(this would be when the season starts) or repeat the cycle(until the season starts). I can send you a program if youd like.
For lifting
Max Strength Phase(this correlates with Acc as max strength goes with Acc)===>Power Phase(develops RFD which is important in top speed and Acc)===>Accumulation Phase(for slighter athletes its needed to gain functional size)3x10 is appropriate for this stage.
The idea of this approach is to develop one part of the spectrum then maintain it and develop the next part by shifting focus. Again i can send you a program if youd like.
As well the set up is CNS intensive, Active Recovery, CNS intensive, Active Recovery, CNS intensive, two days recovery.
For Example
Saturday and Sunday
I suppose you could play some light basketball on a day instead of tempo and light basketball on Saturday, but make sure anything on saturday is really light and sunday is completely off. I hope this makes things clearer and again if youd like a complete program I could send you one.

I got a question numba56 would plyos be considered high intensity cns work because i always thought that would be done on the cns day and not the tempo day?

Ive actually been asking that question in this forum lately with no response. To be honest Im not sure, but from formats Ive read plyo is done on low intensity/recovery days. They are short in duration and low in volume so while it may require high CNS activity, it is so short lived that it does not have much more of an effect than a low intensity activity? Im not sure.

Plyos are high intensity work. Very high!

alright thank you, but the work time an volume are really low so it doesnt really have a huge stress load ?

I think it depends on what plyos you do. For most I think light skipping or jump roping is not a nervous system drain. I’ve also heard of people using jumps without the stretch shortening cycle on tempo days, I’m not sure whether to cut back on CNS drain, muscular drain, or both.

I dont think plyos are meant to have a muscular drain, but to wire the CNS to fire faster, and it was just in my opinion that the stress is so short that it wouldnt have the any more effect that a low CNS stressing exercise.

What plyo exercises are we talking about depth jumps, explosive jumps, etc… Because they seem like they wouldn’t help to do on the tempo day or are we just alking about light jump roping.