Critique my routine please

Wednesday- Strength day

Front squat-5x2
Hang clean-4x3

Saturday- Speed day

Speed bench- 5x2 - 40-60 % max
5 40 yard sprints
depth jumps-5x2
stair hops-3 times

My goals are to improve my strength to wieght
ratio, vertical jump and my 40 yrd time.

Do you think this routine will give me my goals ?

I would have the Hang Clean first.
Also, I would prefer having Front Squat and Deadlift on separate days/sessions.

I don’t get the Speed Bench, is it 2 reps, or 5 reps at that intensity? And why before the sprints?
I would prefer having it at the end of the session, as your main objective for this day is Speed, as you say.

Hope this is of some help!

I cant put deadlift on another day because I need atleast 2 days rest after it so I can be at my best for soccer practice. I workout at home so I can put the exerises I do In any order. Ill have speed bench last on speed day and its 5 sets of 2 reps with 40-60 % max so Im able to go as fast as I can.

One of the reasons you might need 2 days rest before your football practice is exactly because of this combination of Front Squat and Deadlift on the same day. If you have/want to choose either of these, I would go with the Deadlift.

I still don’t see the purpose of the Speed Bench, but then again if it works for you, keep it in!

All the best!

Speed benching was invented or made up by the westside(Tnation). Its suppose to make you a little fast in order to bench threw you weak points.

Nikoluski is correct, pick the deadlift. The squat is a great whole body, testosterone releasing exercise but in sport the quads are only there for the ride. Hamstrings are the key but make sure you do some major glute work. I have had athletes with mis firing glutes and the hamstrings take the load and “ping”, not great. I also agree with why have speed bench press then 40y sprints? If anything use complex training and do 3/4sets of heavy squats then do a contrast sprint. I think that would be more beneficial. Good luck

just seems to me that u are trying to pack in too much into the two days… best spread out…