Critique my GPP

Hey guys, I would appreciate it if some of you would critique my GPP plan for the 100m.

I am a 21 year old beginner with the following stats:

Height - 6’4
Weight - 180 lb
100m - 12.38 (hand timed on a wet track)
30m - 4.09 (hand timed in good conditions)
Bench - 220 lb
Chinup – BW + 40kg
Vert - 30 inches

My squat was previously at around 220lb, but due to a hip flexor injury (caused by inappropriate squatting volume and intensity), I have not squatted for the past few months. The injury is completely healed now.

With regards to hills, I have access to a 30m grass hill and a 50m gravel hill, but nothing longer.

For SPP I am planning on following the L-S plan outlined in the Vancouver04 download (with reduced volume).

I understand that the sample GPP template that comes with the GPP download is designed for a medium/high level athlete following a S-L program. For this reason I have made some modifications.

My GPP phase will last 10 weeks. The volume will be quite low for the first 3 weeks.

Based on the sample GPP template and the advice that Tamfb gave me in another thread, I have decided to use the following template:

Mon Hills + Lower body weights
Tue Rest
Wed Intensive tempo + Upper body weights
Thu Extensive tempo
Fri Hills + Lower body weights
Sat Rest
Sun Extensive tempo + Upper body weights

During weeks 8-10, the Friday hill session will be replaced with a speed session on a track.

The intensive tempo session is there to prepare me for running 600m in the first week of the SPP plan.

Each hill session consists of 50 percent of the volume of what is in the sample GPP plan. The same is true for the speed sessions.

Week 4 of my plan corresponds to week 1 of the sample plan, as my GPP lasts 10 weeks rather than 7.

Extensive tempo sessions will start out at 2000m. Each week 100m will be added so that by the end of GPP each session will be 3000m.

(1) 2x5x10m, 3x20m
(2) 5x10m, 4x20m, 2x30m
(3) 5x10m, 5x20m, 3x30m
(4) 5x10m, 5x20m, 5x30m
(5) 6x40m, 3x40m
(6) 2x5x40m
(7) 2x4x40m
(8) 2x4x40m
(9) 2x4x40m
(10) 5x50m

                                                                [b]Intensive Tempo / Sp end prep         [/b]                               

(1) 5x100m (rest = 1 minute)
(2) 6x100m (1)
(3) 7x100m (1)
(4) 8x100m (1)
(5) 4x200m (1.5)
(6) 5x200m (2)
(7) 4x200m (2.5)
(8) 3x250m (3)
(9) 3x300m (3.5)
(10) 4x300m (4)

Week 8 - 3x10m from lying, 3x20m standing, 2x 20m easy/fast/easy, 1x50m (accel to 20)
Week 9 - 2x10m from pushup, 2x20m from pushup, 4x20m e/f/e
Week 10 - 2x20m from pushup, 2x30m from high start, 2x20m e/f/e, 2x20m f/e/f

Weekly Volume (meters)

(1) 320
(2) 380
(3) 480
(4) 600
(5) 720
(6) 800
(7) 640
(8) 320
(9) 320
(10) 250

Intensive tempo
(1) 500
(2) 600
(3) 700
(4) 800
(5) 800
(6) 1000
(7) 800
(8) 750
(9) 900
(10) 1200

(8) 260
(9) 300
(10) 340

Total Volume
(1) 820
(2) 980
(3) 1180
(4) 1400
(5) 1520
(6) 1800
(7) 1440
(8) 1330
(9) 1520
(10) 1790

Lower body weights sessions will consist of one squat-type movement and one posterior chain exercise.

The progression of my lower body weights sessions will be as follows:

Week 1: 2x12
Week 2: 3x12
Week 4: 3x12
Week 5: 3x10
Week 6: 3x10
Week 7: 4x10
Week 8 4x8
Week 9: 4x8
Week 10: 4x6

I am not happy with my form in o-lift variations, so I won’t be including them in my workouts. For this reason, I am thinking of including some moderate intensity plyometric exercises before my lower body weights sessions (eg broad jumps for 5 sets of 3).

Upper body workouts will consist of 2 sets of 8-12 reps of a pressing movement and the same for a pulling movement. My upper body strength is currently a fair way ahead of my lower body, so I think that a total of only 4 work sets per upper body per workout is enough for the moment.

If my lower body is feeling recovered, I might also include a few sets of reverse leg press on the Wednesday session.

Any comments or suggestions?

I like your overall template, i wish you had a longer hill so you could do one short hill/long hill (80+)/int tempo/2-3 ext tempo session. i would probably increase the vol of the int tempo:

1 6x200
2 8x200
3 8x200
4 6x250
5 6x250
6 6x250
7 6x300
8 6x300
9 4x400
10 4x400

Thanks for the quick response.

Yeah a long hill would be good, but I will have to make do with what is available.

The intensive tempo was the one thing that I was unsure of, as most people on this site follow S-L and don’t do intensive temp work, so there are no recommendations in the archives.

Ok, I will increase the volume.

The goal of the int tempo in l-s program for us is to make the transition smooth to the 600’s and if you can work up to 400 by the end of gpp thats good.

Also, how would you go about modifying the sample SPP template for a beginner?

I was thinking I would just half the volume of everything.

eg Week 1 Sat would be 2x20, 1x600, strength endurance x 60m, instead of 4x20, 2x600, strength endurance x 60mx2

Would that volume be too low even for a rank beginner?

Yeah, that makes sense.

Would you do the 400’s on grass or a track?

i do all my int tempo on the track.

i dont have the graphs in front of me but i would probably leave the sprint vol as is in the early stages since ur only during 2reps but would probably decrease the strength end distance.

also you dont have to follow the example i gave you, you could follow something similar to cf system.

first 6 weeks
Mon: speed
tue: tempo
wed tempo
thur: speed
fri tempo
sat tempo

last 4-5 weeks
mon: speed
tue tempo
wed: long spec end
thur tempo
fri: speed
sat tempo

I edited my post as you were making this one.

On the example template you are supposed to do 4x20, 2x600 (12 mins rest) and strength endurance x 60mx2.

I think I will wait to see how I recover during the GPP before I decide on how to modify SPP.

Keeping the full sprint volume like you say would be preferable and just decreasing the strength end.

At this stage I don’t really know what my recovery ability is like for sprinting, so I will have to wait and see.

I am pretty unfit at the moment, so I was thinking that including special endurance right from the start of SPP would be of benefit.

since ur not fit at this time anything you do now will increase ur fitness level, either way would work but just make sure you have a smooth transition into ur spp.