I gonna start on creatine next week, and I’m wondering how long should i stay on/off it in cycles?

kyle thanks for posting that summary, i knew i read it somewhere but couldnt remember when.

thanks for the post D! interesting study, as a football player 1 100m sprint doenst really apply and since the 6X60 improvement was “less obvious”, i think during the season, i will use maybe 5gms per week. i do eat a lot of meat so that will help keep my levels up and i totally agree that a veggetrain would really benefit from creatine.

5g of glucose per 1g of Creatine - man that’s sweet …
25gms of Glucose per 5 gms of C???

How were you planning to use it?

Don’t forget to take about 2g of baking soda with the Creatine.
This will neutralize the acidity in you stomach and less Creatine will be broken down into worthless Creatinine.

aka100 have you got stomach pains from taking baking soda or any other discomforts.

I actually got gastritus from baking soda. I took loads of it once before a race and what I experienced in the days that followed was the most painful experience of my life! Caution should certainlt be exercised with it. I still use it but don’t have more than a teaspoon (5g?)

I used it about a year ago. I used it in powder form. From what I can remember I went four weeks of heavy loading (3 teaspoons, twice a day) then 4 weeks of maintainance (1 teaspoon, once a day) then off it for 4 weeks. Then I would repeat the cycle. After the second cycle I would lay off it for 3 months. Although I found it very usefull it’s not something I would recommend taking a lot of as your body will become use to it . It is also not something I would recommend taking with water. I used orange juice.

Do not take Creatine with orange juice. Orange juice contains acids which denatures CM into a waste product…

3 to 5 gms a day post workout ( i take it with my surge), no need to load and i havent seen anything that warrents cycling off, although i do think its a good idea.

tim i dont think injectable creatine exists. why not just use powder? its cheap and it works…

I agree nightmare. I dont notice any effects of cycling creatine. Does it exist in a vet version. Ill get back to you if I find one.

This takes a bit to read…but those of us who have no longer find creatine a mystery. This article answers 99% of all the questions I have heard on creatine.

RE: Injectable Creatine:

Creatine is not stable in liquid form, it breaks down into a waste product creatinine. Oral creatine is perfectly fine.

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akm100 have you got stomach pains from taking baking soda or any other discomforts.

I never get stomach pains from adding 2g to a creatine drink but I get a few pains when I take 30g before a race. The stomach pains caused by the baking soda are a lot less than the pain caused by lactic acid build up in the muscle.

I still haven’t found a good way to drink it yet. Tastes really really really bad, it gives me chills just thinking about the taste.

i use creating during the offseason (5gms psot workout everyday with surge), but once im in ful blown football season (we play 3 games per week on average and trianing is only for maintain strength), is it a good idea to cut out the creatine to drop extra weight and reduce inner cellular tension?

Caution: a friend from baseball has been cautioned that some creatine manufacturers are putting in androstenedione. He said it was US scuttlebutt so he assumes it was in US product. :mad:

I find that creatine is best used during periods of very high intensity training, like the two to three months leeding up to the season. This is the time when when you want to be nailing your sessions. When used by myself and other athletes I train with we find it helps recovery rather than power.

Where can I get baking soda?

How about creatine during competition? Say an athlete has 2 races, a prelim at 3 and a final at 4, when (if at all) should creatine be consumed?


i seem to remember charlie saying to stay away ( i could be wrong and if i am please correct) from creatine during racing season because of the higher inner cellular volume and the muscles may not be moving as well as they could be?

like aj said, i think its more of an off season thing.

kitkat, i have all my tested athletes stay away from questionable product lines and direct them toward natural sport pure creatine (makers of solaray/kal vitamins and minerals) and champion. thanks for the heads up though, and if you could u2u me the brand names that are the offenders i would really appreciate it!!

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Where can I get baking soda?

Any supermarket.