Creatine adaptation

Hey Charlie and all,

I know there have been plenty of threads on creatine, but I have a question specifically pertaining to the adaptation of a human being’s endogenous “production” of creatine. How long does it take, if at all, for us to shut down this “natural production” of creatine (apparantly 2 grams a day) if we supplement it?

How long before we start to produce it again inside our bodies after supplementation?

In other words, should we cycle creatine?

Thanks :slight_smile:

I never used to but I read a few studies that seem to show no drop off in creatine stores when cycling 3 weeks on 1 week off so that is what we do now with those on creatine. If nothing else it saves you 25%!

A little off topic, but how do the members here get on with creatine? I ask because I’m not sure if it’s responsible for a few muscle pulls/cramps I have had recently. Just wondering if many others associate creatine with any similar injuries they have had. I know there is a hydration issue, so wondering how linked it is.

when did you have those problems? Were they independent of training phase?

well this morning i had a small cramp at the medial insertion of my right hamstring. i had a pull there in december and problems with that leg right through til march. i wasn’t on creatine during that phase though. i am susceptible to hamstring pulls, no matter what time of year, so i would guess it’s independent of training phase, so i’m not sure if taking creatine is a good idea as it may elevate that risk?

I only use it for 400m runners - as a fuel and buffereing substance.

I see, maris. Perhaps this problem does not relate to creatine anyway (not that it can’t cause what you describe). Have things improved while not taking creatine?

well i had no problems at all for the past 5 weeks or so, and i wasn’t on creatine for that period. the training week i’m on now is the same as it has been for 3-4 weeks now. i’m just thinking that if i’m susceptable to these strains, then creatine is increasing the risk. i don’t really notice much improvement when taking it, if any, so i’m wondering if it’s worth it at all. i think a big key to improving is having a string of consistent training uninterrupted by injury, and if creatine is reducing the chance of that happening, what’s the point in taking it??

If this is the case, I absolutely agree with regards to creatine! Perhaps you should also look at why you have this susceptibility anyway. In any case, I hope you are consistent with training from now on with no problems! :slight_smile:

thank you. the support and blessing is appreciated.

during college this was my creatine program

1 month prior to Conference id start

load 4 days with 20g a day
then take 5g a day after that until nationals was over.

same thing for outdoor.

i wouldnt take it at all until a month before Conference and then do the same as the above until nationals was over.

so it would go
August-jan no creatine at all
Late Jan-early march i used it

then late April or early May i would start using it again until about June when nationals were thru.

not sure if this helps any but just to give you an idea of what ive done in the past. whether others think it was good or bad it worked and thats all that matters

Long term studies show no change in the way the body produces creatine. You can use it for 10 years and then stop and your body will produce it the same as before you started.

Do you have a link to these studies or know where and how long they were performed for? If true, its great news! And I don’t doubt you Herb, just wanna know for sure :wink:

I’ve read these and also ones that show no drop in performance when cycled 3 weeks on 1 week off. So i choose the second option to save money and perhaps combat any changes that do occur.

I cycle creatine 4-5 weeks on and 2 weeks off. In the 2 weeks that I come off I use Tribulus. I would obviouly stop using creatine in time off away from track once the season is done…although I may use a little bit here and there so as not to lose that ‘feel good factor’ and to keep the compliments coming in :smiley:

Just out of curiousity what types of creatine are the people here use? Are you fans of the the new 3rd and 4th generation creatine Ethyl Ester/NO based stuff? Does it work? Is it something that sprinters should use? Or do you stick with the good old Creatine Mono?


NSCA just came out with an article stating that Monohydrate is the way to go since none of the other forms have been tested much. We know the monohydrate works, and it is the cheapest way to buy creatine.


never knew that herb, good to know i should try it never tried monohydrate only CEE.

Interesting…You know sometimes you just have to go with the old school methods and stick with supps. that really work. I must admit I made the change to the new EE type Creatine based on hype (no water retension) and ease of usage (no messy 5g scoops etc)…but the actual strength gains have been very minimal to say the least…I think I’m going to go back on creatine mono. How much of a hinderence is a little water retention for a sprinter anyway? Its not like I’m using it to help cut up for a BB show and look super cut and lean…

If you use 2-3g of Creatine per day, there shouldn’t be as much water retention. 2-3g per day over a 28 day period gets you to the same place as loading does, only the changes aren’t so drastic. I am not a fan of drastic changes anyways.