Creatine adaptation

Herb, you’re reading my mind LOL. I’ve tried the “loading phase” (ie 15-20g a day for a week) before, and I gained about 4-5 kgs of water over a two week period, not a good idea…But I didn’t actually feel slower on the track, I actually felt FASTER!

Next time I’ll do 3g a day and hopefully not gain weight but be even faster…:wink:

No water retention and no str gain… hmmmm.
I’ve been saying all along that creatine changes the muscle leverage via the water retention allowing slightly higher lifts but less muscle mobility and greater injury risk. Not worth it- except to prevent excessive fluid loss from the muscle fibres AFTER an extremely tough session or to prevent jet lag (also associated with fluid loss out of the muscle fibres).
Use Arginine, a precursor to CP.
ATP effects smooth muscle creating more blood flow/heat in the muscles and therefore better muscle function. Carnitine effects nerve function and its fat burning quality creates more heat as well.

Very interesting. I have decided to avoid creatine solely for the injury risk factor, I think I am prone to cramping. Dennis Mitchell recommended the use of arginine. He suggested it solely in the fall though, would you agree with that Charlie? Also, when would you recommend using carnitine in terms of timing with sessions? At the moment I take it just before I begin warm up.

Pulled a hammy on it. My friend who hadnt seen at me at one of the meets said man what are u weighting now. I was about 170 at the time. My stomach was so bloated though.

They say creatine isnt bad for you but what about all these kids being checked into ER’s. Used to know a dialysis nurse and an emt, told me horror stories about it; kids having kidney problems, putting them on dialysis. I mean the guy could be lying though. Hes a standup guy though,doubt he would lie. Especially to the guy from boston. The Guy from boston can usually tell the difference. I mean drinking liquor is dangerous; we all know that. But Creatine? I can here everyone laughing at the future kid millionare. Go head laugh. What are you gonna say water is dangerous too. It can be. Water, think about it. I mean the name creatine even sounds harmless. Creatine. Remeber when colin jackson was endorsing way back in the begining. And let me ask you something. Does 20,000 mg sound safe to you. Doesnt to me. But what do I know. Im phi lambda. No known side effects huh. Thats a lie the manafucturers are pushing big time while the gov looks the other way. I mean the guy that found it 1830’s. Name starts with an M. I wonder what he would say.

Anyways. I have tried it before. Weight room increases are very slight, probably more mental than anything. A lot of cramps, creatine farts, tight muscles, and muscle spasms. Injury risk very high. Even though they say brand doesnt matter I could swear it does. B to say it baby.

elevated creatinine is the issue in kidney problems (waste excretion)

What about formation of kidney stones if not enough water is ingested? I found there were no problems with cramping, but I was drinking A LOT of water (3-5 litres/day)…But must emphasize the point that loading is a BAD idea. There is a complete saturation of the cells with creatine…

wouldnt supplementing taurine reduce cramps?

Also arginine hasnt worked for alot of ppl i know even in strength forums and creatine is the best bang for your buck.

how would taurine eliviate cramp problems? not trying to argue, just want to know how it works.

If your talking about the poster above you, he said reduce not elevate :wink:

and i said eliviate not elevate :wink: ha. might have spelt it wrong though!

-1 for your spelling
-1 for my reading…we’re even :stuck_out_tongue:

read it in here

down in physiological roles it goes into depth on why it is used along with creatine to boost the effectiveness and alleviating muscle fatigue. From bodybuilding forums taurine is always referred to supplements that cramp lots of people.

alleviate maybe? LOL. funny…

was always better at the sciences than the languages!

I have a question about the maintenance phase…When is the best time to take this 3-5g dosage on training and tempo days? Would it be in the AM? Afternoon? Pre training or Post training at night?

Curious to know everyones thoughts… BTW basic Creatine Mono powder is where its at. No gimics and definate increased strength,power as well as improvements on the track.

post training is best, with a simple carb to cause an insulin spike to help with absorbtion.

Agree here but i’d also include protein. In addition, Exactly how much carbs and protein seems to be up for debate, but an ideal ratio for recovery seems to be anything from 3:1 to 4:1 carbs : protein.

Apologies for a lack of references, ill try to locate shortly.