Creatime How Shall I Take It

Right i got my protiena dn carb suppliment today, but i also got creatine.

Its just a trail, i will take one tablet befor training and one after with, protien-carb shake and all that.

I just want to know, is it ok that i take it like this.

Or shall i just take it after workout, but how many tablets. Am not sure how much each tablet contains.

thank you very much

Looks like 1 tablet is 1gram (1000mg). I’d take 1 before and 1 after training like you said.

thank you very much

1g is that enough after training how about two, one strainght after, and one a few hours later.

2 to 3g per day is enough no matter when you take it. Best to take it with some sort of carbs, and better to not take it with protein. Regardless, after about 28 days your cells will reach their Creatine maximum threshold and taking more won’t increase that. Again, 2-3g per day with carbs, whenever is good.

I bought a liquid creatien monohydrate a few weeks ago and it seems to be working fairly well. i take about 2.5g’s (or 8cc’s) after training. For it to work effectively I found drinking a alot of water (1-2 gallons a day) makes it work alot better

YEAH am not taking it anymore, just came to that decision.

but thanks

Liquid creatine is a scam.

I have used dry AND liquid i find they both work the same for me. just with the liquid I take a little more then it says. I cycle it as well, I was told in a class that long term effects of constant creatine use can break down muscle fibers in the body??? im not sure if this true or not, anyone have any insight on that subject

has anyone tried the product by BSM call No - Explode???

Yes it works if you want a pump. Why would a runner want a pump? I certainly don’t like feeling tight when I run. Stay away from it unless you just lift. I take it, but I don’t run anymore

Thanks for the advice… the guy at GNC was pretty much begging me to buy it, it just wanted to know if it was any good.

Here is some free advice about GNC. I used to work there and they are overpriced. Try these websites:

I have used both and bought products cheaper than GNC, even with my employees discount. Look up NO Explode for example and you will see the difference!! I’m sure there are many other sites as well. has some pretty good deals too. I agree about GNC; overpriced!! I haven’t purchased a supplement from there for quite some time…

Im from maine and the only place other then online sources to get nutrition supplements is gnc unless i drive like an hour or 2 to New hampshire… >=O and GNC doesnt really have a wide variety of brands they sell mostly the pro performance stuff.

Originally Posted by awhitcomb615
I was told in a class that long term effects of constant creatine use can break down muscle fibers in the body???

wow wait one sec, I haven’t taken any classes per se, but I have never heard that!? If this were true then that would mean your current creatine, which your body does produce breakes down fibers as well. Is this result from taking it for years? 20+? constantly

Creatine isn’t a drug, its made by your body, it increases recovery for the alactic energy system.

Why do people make stuff up about creatine is it because its so successful/beneficial?

Yes, I did a search. I think people may be mixing up some details. Creatine seems to speed up muscle remodelling after damage caused by strength and high intensity training. The fusing of damaged muscle fiber satellite cells to undamaged fiber is accelerated by creatine. Creatine does not cause the damage or wasting of muscle. In fact it is used clinically in some degenerative nervous system and muscle disorders. That fact alone, suggests misinformation by people.

I dunno one of my professors gets paid to do research studies and such. and she just finished one on creatien and what she found was the long term outcomes by far are worse then the short term effects. she didnt really go into detail about it, all she said was it can severely dehydrate your body and break down muscle fibers. im not sure how accurate this is. If anyone knows of any similar studies, i think it would be worth looking at.

This was just information that was passed onto me from a higher source so like I said im not sure how accurate it is and if anyone can find a study on they cons of long creatine use I think it would be something worth looking into

I guess we should all stop eating meat then and force our bodies to not rely on CP :rolleyes: