I have a problem. I have a competition today. During warm up I felt something like a cramp in my both hamstrings. I tried to stretch them properly and did couple of A’s and B’s skip and a lot of light strides. On 100 m dash after the start and 20 m I felt my hamstrings very stiff and cramping after that. So I shut down and ran on 80% of my potential to the finish. In the final run I tried to forget on my problems and run as fast as I have ever run. But on 30 m mark again that pain and race was over and I finished in turtle time 11,58.
So can anybody halp me with that problem? I must tell you that it didn’t happen for the first time. I have problems with it very often. Thax many times!

You might not be properly hydrated or not sufficiently flexible. I find that taking an ice bath every night helps prevent cramping.

This very well could be a problem with your mucles, you could have strains that your not rehabing right and your just hurting the same thing over and over. You need to just rest or really look at what your doing as far as weights or what the training regime is thats hurting you. But it could simply just be lack of hydration (you should drink about a gallon of H2O a day) you should try eating some bananas too.

Thank you. I’ll see what’s going on.