Couple of strength training questions

These are just a couple of things I was wondering about, could someone please help me to clarify.

  1. Is low intensity core work necessary if the athlete is only working with very short distances? (accel less than 40yd)
    If so, why? I’m assuming low intensity core work (hundreds of reps) are only necessary for maintaining form in longer distances >80m when fatigue begins to set in.

  2. Is it okay to do plyometrics after weights? (if the weights was reasonably low volume) I typically only do my high intensity plyos (hurdle hops) after weights work - I plan to do them before weights during my maintenance phase, is this necessary also during the max strength phases?


Why not do both plyos and weights together? COmplex related lifts and moves - alternating sets, 2-3mins between each

The weights go faster, the plyos go higher and quicker.
That is what I notice, since I use complexes a lot.

I also like plyos after weights, the joints get nicely warmed up and the neural system is fired up from the heavier stuff. But I’m one of those people that can jump as high if not higher after doing many sets of heavy explosive squats and olylifts - so your mileage may vary :slight_smile:

In Supertraining (3.4.2) Mel Siff seems to suggest that “the time required to reach maximum force was reduced… after tonic work” the most “after 3 to 4 minutes” (results from leg extension) and “3 to 4 minutes after barbell squats the height of the” vertical “jump was 6.8% above initial levels”