could you improve in running

from doing Plyo’s and gym instead of doing speed work? ie
mon, wed, fri - tempo
tue , thur , sat, plyo’s and gym

Didnt that russian win the olympics in the 70’s from something like that??

Any thoughts?

While plyos may aid it in sprinting, its merely a supplement for it. if you want to be better at running, run!

Yeah no reaso you couldnt improve with the programme you describe…it’s just how much improvement. I wouldnt necessarily choose that over other mixes of training and speed deveopment but speaking from personal experience i did 3 months of purely weights and plyos alternating days with very little running and improved a hell of alot because I was so weak to start with I needed an increased strength and power base.

I never had to do it again and wouldnt necessarily recommend being that extreme - but I ren massive PBs off it by the end of the season - I started off rubbish as I had lost alot of my actual running ability, but over the season I improved week on week to finish the season improving my 100 from 11.1 to 10.8/200 from 22.2 to 21.41/400 from 47.5 to 46.45 with a 44.7 relay split!

Something worked somewhere!

I would agree, with tinsoldier that if you need work in those areas than do the extra work. But a good mix of different workouts is allways needed do to the bodys ability to adapt so quickly to any given stress put on it.

hey, lately ive been doing plyo’s after my speed work, but i here some people saying they should be done after each set in the weights room, any thoughts on this?

tinsoldier, how fast are you running now days?

to bud mike, hey i think that it coould be good to do that, u just have to make sure that your not over doing your body so i would do it mabe once a week or something along these lines.

One year in college, I focused more on TJ and had a lot of plyo work and not much weight work or sprinting. Most sprint work was short 20-50 meters or runway work. Might be coincidental, but it also was my best year of sprinting. On the other hand, maybe my sprinting would have been even better if I had geared training that way. Hard to tell, but I feel like the plyos added a lot.

Im not so fast these days - as I have retired from competing - but get a good few sprints down the rugby wing for a bit of fun!! I ran 45.5 at my best tho.