Correlation between 400m and jumping ability?

I was wondering if there is any valuable correlation between standing long jump and or vertical in relation to 400m ability?

would elite 400m runners excel in these categories?

and does vertical and standing long jump have any real meaning in relation to 400m potential and or real sprint ability in general.

any thoughts???

There will definetly be some correlation - after all 400m is still a sprint, and sprinting is an explosive activity. These days, many 400m runners come from a 200m background, and there performance might be stronger in tests such as LJ and VJ apposed to 400/800 runners who may be less explosive.

I ve read a study somewhere on the net that linked squat jump and counter-movement jump for 5 to faster 400m men. I will try to find it again.

Good luck in finding a correlation between SLJ or VJ with 400m performance.
Better 400m runners may have better SLJ and VJ than slower folks, but they would also have better test result in any other kind of exercises, and make better beach soccer players, simply because they are better athletes in general.