Core Training For Young Athletes

I have athletes as young as 10 years old, which Medi Ball core programs would be appropriate for athletes this age?
What would be the max weight of Medi Balls?,
Is it ok for these developing athletes to do speed core, and Medi Ball hurdle drills (concerned about joints, legaments, and low backs of these young athletes).

We could go through guidelines and advice, but it sounds like you’re taking on more responsibility than you’re comfortable handling. How is it that you have athletes you are training and you are unsure about what it is to do? Perhaps you’re suffering from a lack of confidence in your abilities as a coach, and in that case, you may want to speak with someone who’s been in the business for sometime to confirm your feelings on what is safe and unsafe for these athletes. I recommend setting up a consultation with Clemson to speak with him over the phone or in some other capacity. Good Luck!!