cool place to learn oly lifts

The first time I did the clean was at this place. I forgot the name of the coach but he looked at me and he said “you clean 100 kilos go do” Awsome place…

that pretty cool. I never even heard of this place. Where exactly in NYC is this place located?

Its in Queens (Rego Park)right next to a huge strip club LOL. Its only $50 for the year too.

Not on the topic but;

That´s why USA are what they ARE,
look this gym, theres USA flags for all the place,
every corner with White, Blue and Red.

…and they are what??? Last place in every olympic lifting competition…

maybe they don´t wanna or don´t need to be champion in lifting competition,
or maybe, they can´t change his genetics, but, when we talk about patriotism, well, we can´t beat United States.
btw, how much lifting is a genetic sport ?

That´s why will be so easy to me
beat him