Cool pic of Mo

Look how relaxed he is! :cool:


The expression on his face looks like he’s out for a stroll.

Nice hip height and shoulder rotation!

and yes those are the new monsterfly’s on coby millers feet

my god he looks so relaxed like he’s not even putting any effort into it!
very well coached athlete, amazing!

Guys! guys! guys! don’t you know that its Mo’s head superimposed on my body! :wink:

btw, how tall is Mo anyway? and wt?

Why aint bitch ass Green wearin them too?? He’s adidas…

I think 716 posted their weights a few months ago pre-Paris

…on an Australian Site:

Mo is 176cm high 5 feet 9 inch

In most places he is listed as 175 but those are usually old and off. He has to be more. They have Shawn Crawford at 165. He has to be at least 185. He is huge.

I saw Crawford at last world indoors. We were warming up and he was shorter than me. I’m 176cm.

plus i think because of how lean they are they appear much larger. ie Ben looks huge but in fact was 175 lbs and 5’ 10"

Thats pretty cool that you saw him. Are you sure he was shorter than you. He looks very tall. Was he huge or does it just look like it bec. he is so ripped? Also he might have gotten bigger since last year.

They’re nike.

The blue one’s? Lane 5.

He looks muscular even with his top on! but he’s not tall. He was shorter than me. I was shocked through these champs. cause I saw a whle lot of strange dimensions! I mean T.V. does trick us.