Converting strength to vertical

I have a question for you guys im currently playing ball and lifting following the guilde lines of west side one day strength 1 day speed. Now question im going to be training like this for a while and build up more strength etc,i have few plyos in with workout but htere not just plyos. Same with my phase 2 i made and 3 is a miami hurricane workout for 10 weeks now for my last and final phase would u recomend making a all plyometric routine to convert the strength into vertical. Now i kno aa2 is shit and stuff like that but like question with that is or any plyometric routine? If the stronger you are the more you will benifit from plyos thats my question do u benifit more from plyos when your stronger then when your not as strong and would doing something like aa2 at the end of the year help out alot because i had already made alot of power and strength and that would covert it. Or i also kno i could make my own routine from alot of the books i have that are very good. So final statement should i add plyos to be the last part of my year long routine i made for my self to convert the strength into explosive power and vertical.

Ok, one tip I can give you is there should be a slight reduction to total volume going into a conversion phase. I would not do all plyos as you need to keep some of the strength base youve worked so hard to acheive. I would however be doing a good amount of rest between sessions. And, if possible reduce the amount of games and scrimmages you play slightly. I would change the ratios of what type of plyos you do, doing less remedial types of plyos, and concentrating on one or two-foot jumping/dunking. Stuff like drop steps and working your penultimate step (step before you plant your jumping foot/feet) should be highly emphasized. If you are going to have a game on the weekend the best time ive found to do plyos was about 1-2 days after the last game, never doing plyos or lifting within two days of a major game. Hope this helps bud, Jay