Conversion Time-60m to 55m

If an athlete ran 7.50 in the 60m, what would it convert to in the 55m. :slight_smile:

One thread is fine, no need to post the same question in multiple areas

About a 6.88-6.90 their abouts.

I am not sure what Pope means…
but what age group or track age are you asking about; male/female?

HS athl usually there is about a diff of APPROX .4-.5 sec using the exact same timing syst.
this prob holds true for most athl

I had the same question earlier this year. No one ever answered it so I compared some old footage from my own athls.

I mean he posted this question in two spots, I answered it in the other thread thats all.

I believe that NCAA div II had a .48 seconds conversion at one time.