Conversion Charts

I am new to the track world of high school and trying to figure out events based on times.

Is there a conversion chart available that someone could recommend? For example, if I knew an athlete’s 40 yd dash time, could I convert that to a 100m or 200m estimate?

Also, is there a conditioning chart as well so if I have an athlete that is running the 800m, than we can work on splits within a conditioning session?

thanks for any help

It is usually pretty inaccurate converting someone’s 40 yard dash time to their 100 or 200 time. I know plenty of guys that can run 4.4 and 4.3 but would have trouble running 10.5 or faster. Just because a 40 is fast, they might not have good top speed needed for a fast 100m.

What about a 60 time for indoor? Would this be relevant?

thanks again

Scoring Tables Use the CIAU/Indoor button.