Contrast showers are insane!!

I just finished doing my first contrast shower and all I can say is “WOW”. They give a new meaning to the word “refreshing”.

I’m wondering when the best time is to do them? post-workout, first thing in the morning(to wake you up)??

Also, are contrast showers used mostly to enhance the recovery of the CNS?

Ice baths are pretty crazy too. You don’t know how small your gear can get until you take an ice bath.

fair enough but where do you find the courage to do that:P i mean, cold water in the midle of the winter?

i believe 100% in iced baths.after every speed session its straight into the tub for the guys and from personnal expereience its well worth the shock.we twnd to use contrast showers after tempo which is also beneficial.


After i did my first contrast shower this summer, it became an exercise in mental toughness to go back into them! However it’s so cool seeing the veins in my chest after!

Am I the only one who feels a little light headed after a contrast shower?

what do you guys use for contrast showers timing? Like 30 sec. hot, 30 cold, or what do you use?

1 & 3min, i think; and good luck :slight_smile:

t-bone: no, you are not the only one! and don’t know why someone might feel like this; weird… just too much of a shock for your brain :eek:

3min hot, 1 min cold - 3 times ending with cold.

About contrast showers…

Wouldn’t the sudden changes in temperature stimulate the CNS/sympathetic NS? And wouldn’t this be bad for recovery?

great question. i don’t know an answer but it could be possible that the stimulation of cns and sns by contrast showers, etc. are a stimulation of recovery instead of stress.

I went into a whole different state of consciousness… I was a mess.

it might be that it increases circulation even more…

Could you explain stimulation of recovery vs. stimulation of stress? I thought the cns recovers when it is not active.

Think of it this way. Are you really considering what’s going on during the 12 min session or the hours afterwards with the muscles in an improved state after the flushing?

Hot/cold enhances all aspects of recovery

Is the water applied directly to the worked muscles that day, or top of head/down the back for CNS? I’ve heard you can do it both ways, but which is the proper one?

clemson (correct me if i’m wrong) recommends the cold on the back of the head for the majority of the time.

Is a contrast “bath” as good as a shower? I’ve done 10:00-Hot/10:00-Cold, but I’ve never tried 1/3 showers.

Clemson may need therapy to the back of the head but you need it all over- including the head.


Gear!!! too funny bro!!!