Conecting Weights & Track

There´s a lot of material in this forum about weights, and maybe more yet about sprints, but,
i can solve a simple question beats me in my mind.
Concerning weight work, we know, that, mostly of sprinters, use to do the “high load method”, on this method you lift high weights for low-low reps ( sometimes just 1 ) right ?
plus, this is performed to achieve higher level of strenght ( strenght ratio…) ok ?
Now, talking about track train;
we know that basicaly we need train for;
sprint ( pure speed, speed, max v, etc…)
speed endurance,
special endurance,
etc, etc, etc…
But, how can we conect the work did at gym with the phase on season we are training on track ?
My doubt is;
when we train the general base ( the beggining of the season ) we use to do a lot of tempo work same for Speed and Special Endurance work, so, that “high load weights” seems not combine with this.
There is some general rules about how we should match weights and track work ?

With the weights you are describing (i.e., heavy and low reps) you can touch the first two, but I don’t think any of the others -definitely not top speed, as there may be some debate about special endurance, for example, with other lifting methods… There used to be a thread about something like this, I can’t recall it though, sorry!

I would see the weights, however, as a means for strengthening the whole system, rather than transferring certain aspects to the track; speed is specific to itself, right?

Hope it helps!

I thought the purpose of lifting weights was not only to increase strength that can be transferred onto the track but also to increase what I’ve heard referred to as ‘organism strength.’ I’m not exactly sure about this though, so anyone else that wants to chime in on that, that’d be great.

If you look at how Charlie varies his weights work you can see that the volume and intensity changes significantly throughout the season (forum review & CFTS). He also changes plyos in relation to whether the emphasis is on top speed or acceleration etc. So in this respect the weight training is specific.

However, this crossover can only be achieved if you have your entire season mapped out up front (like you should). This way you can tie everything together so the weights complement what you are trying to achieve on the track (what really matters).

In terms of specificy, i think it is the manipulation of stress to the entire organism that you should focus on. Then when looking at rep ranges, intensity, rest between sets etc you can consider whether you want the weights session to impact the body from a muscular, metabolic or CNS standpoint at any point in your season. From here you can plan what your needs are. The way you fulfill these needs (olympic lifting, powerlifting, med ball, bodybuilding!!!, strongman/sled pulling) is down to you and probably is less important than the fact that you get the total type and volume of stress correct.

As you point out, it is how all the elements combine that is of the most importance.

Ok, the reason i´m asking this is:
My 2005 Season started a little later, on Jan 10th. From that, i did;
2 Weeks of Total Body Adaptation weight work
combined with milleage running at grass.
4 Weeks of Hypertrophy weight work now combined with some tempo work on track but not speed work at all.
9 Weeks of Strenght Weight Work ( those max weights i said before ) combined with tempo, some special & speed endurance and maybe just 3 to 4 speed training sessions in this period.
The problem started at 10th week, when i got my ankle sprain that took me 4 weeks without any track train…so, i did a lot of weights in this period and i became much more stronger but i lost that great conditioned base track.
So, now, i have all the power and strenght ( from weights ) oterwise, my track works will be a little behind.
How can i match this two complementary works ? :frowning:

I would just maintain weights work and let speed come to you over time…

While getting injured is not good. On the flip side you now have good strength levels that will help you with acceleration work. So starting again with acceleration work in a progressive manner (e.g. short to long) you have an advantage from where you were earlier.

Keep the weights for now as you get back into full sprint training reduce the intesnity or volume slightly to accomodate the increased track intensity. Once you are back on track look at how CF varies the loading as you prepare for competition - e.g. work backwards from when you know you want to compete at your best to now and adjust everything accordingly.

All right, tk folks :wink:
I hope back to my conditions next july when start my “explosive” phase of weights and track speed properly.