conditioning for basketball

hey CF does the style of play change the kind of conditioning you would do with a basketball team? If you have a team that press and run the whole game, what changes would you make to there conditioning program, I think the volume would be slightly higher?


OK, so I’m not CF, but here it goes anyway:

I guess you’re about ready to start “pre-season” hoops, as we do this monday as well.
We DON’T press, but I would also think the volume might be higher (eventually), but it would be the rest intervals that I would also tinker with, since they would get less “rest” than a traditional team would…

good luck!

I am very old school when it comes to conditioning my basketball players, but it seems to work.


Please don’t take my post as an attack; I was just trying to offer my two cents!

By the way, you say you’re “old school”… How so? What are you guys going to be doing? I’m always interested in seeing how other people solve their problems in their particular situation…

Good luck!

Could you speak more about what you do with your bball guys and gals in the weight room. Things you specially don’t do and why and things you put an emphasis on and are doing. I know you mentioned that you prefer not to press.

I for one do not do olympic lifts aside from powerclean from a hang during off-season since bball players are always jumping and I feel the need for “explosive lifts” such as jump squats, olympics lifts and plyometrics and redundunt. I have not found a problem with pressing and actually like the overhead lifts such as push presses. For some athletes I have found the trap bar deadlift a good substitute for regular deadlifts and even squats (which again is a lift many of them do not do due to chronic knee problems). Most of our lower body exercises are unilateral aside from RDL’s which I like to use.

Oh no man I didnt take it as a personal attack, ill send you a message. my training this year will be lil diff bc we dont have three 7 footers this year.


hope all is well…when I said we “don’t press”, I was referring to tamfb mentioning that his team runs a “press” style of defense, and we don’t! :slight_smile:

I’ll post more later…gotta go to practices!

BS, i hate basketball players who cant squat. I just got done speaking with UNC basketball SC who happen to use tons of CF and AL stuff since he use to work for AL, he said all of his players deep squat, no excuse. they also ol and perform jumps and throws.

GREAT!!! Because he works at UNC what he is doing MUST be right for EVERY collegiate basketball program in the entire country. So even when an athlete is taught by a competent strength coach like myself how to squat correctly and still complains of pain when executing the lift with perfect form I should tell him that its bullshit and force them to do it anyway? Get real.
TAMFB, have you ever worked with a collegiate basketball team?
I’m still not too sure I see a point in having bball players doing any type of plyometric work when they are playing basketball numerous times per week which as we all know hits their joints pretty hard and any extra plyo work may be overkill.

Have i worked with a collegiate bb team? Yes, I dont think a hs team would have 2-3 7 footers.
Dont believe everything your athletes say,so are you telling me this athlete couldnt squat a 45lb bar without pain, if so he shouldnt be playing bb. From speaking with Jonas Sahratian this morning he said they perform there jumps during the offseason which is the summer time and perform ol’s year round, I dont see a problem with this setup at all. I can say what hes doing at UNC is better then I have seen at any other major college program, by far, his program includes tons tons of stuff by two great coaches CF and al vermeil.

Based on what you said it seems like the issue here has to do with establishing a relationship with your athletes where there is an ongoing means of communication which educates them in turn causing them to actually believe in the exercise perscription/ programming you provide them with. With that being said…MY athletes are not LYING to me. The athletes I have referred to in one of my previous posts are some of my most dedicated athletes in the entire athletic department at the university where I work. Now don’t get me wrong … many of my bball players squat but for some who complain of knee pain during that magical exercise I choose not to ignore the fact that there are infact other alternatives. Sure the athlete(s) can squat 45 lbs. pain free. One of my top athletes that complains of pain during squatting is acutally in my office right now and said when he is working up to say 3x3 his second heavy set of 3 is when it starts to hurt. This varies from athlete to athlete but in general when the weight starts to get heavy (above 80% of their approx. 1RM) (and no their form isn’t breaking down) they get knee pain. Given the fact that they all have made great gains by other means I do not see the point in making squatting a neccesity.

Al used a high metal platform with weights suspended from the waist for the few guys at the Bulls who had specific issues. Can’t remember what he called it but it was pretty cool.
As for tempo volumes, you can be pretty flexible but it sounds like you have the right idea.

are you talking about belt squats?

Yes, attached to a belt with the weight hanging below the platform between the legs on chains

hey devil this is what we did this morning, the team met on the court and we went through gpp drills:

gpp drills: 4 rounds for 30sec

jump squats
jumping jacks
mout climbers

then we strength train, half the team did upper other half did lower.

lower body:
jump squats
box squat
rev lunges
glut ham
good mornings
calf raises

upper body:
bench press
db incline
face pulls
db rows
zottman curls
weighted ball situps

follow with track work:

dym intensive warmup:
jog 100/skip 100/side skip 50/jog 100/carioca 25/skip 50/skip scoop 50/15 jumping jacks/jog 50/pushups 15/back run 50/squat jumps 10/a skip 50/v ups 10/b skip 50/standing butt kicks 10/25 situps/lunge walk 25/run a 25/pushups 25/stride 50

tempo runs: done a turf field, no shoes.
5x400 70-80sec rest 3mins
then one set of stadium steps

thanks tamfb

hey quick, here is a quick (with out %'s) map of what we’re doing…
We have 6 weeks before practice. We’re lifting 3x/week, running 2x/week for 3 weeks, and then lift 2x/week, run 3x/ week last 3 weeks. We train M-F, so we’re not running and lifting on the same day…
Pre train/warmup
mountain climbers
walking lunge w/twist
Training session
Max effort Stop squat 6 sets of 5 (plus bonus)
Step ups 4x3 (lower intensity)
any bicep
pull ups/chins
Post training
hip/shoulder complex (like Verstegen’s plank)
one leg toe touches
ab circuit #1

Non-linear speed/agility
practice all decel positions, (especially with 8 new players)
practice decel drills - but all programmed, not random yet
12-24 pro shuttles, 30-45 sec rest each
reaction ball in groups

Snathc press+ OH squat
side lunge
med ball wood chops
Training session
clean from hang (pulls for new players) 6-8 sets of 2, under 80% intensity
jerk from rack (push press/learn the jerk for rookies) 5-6 sets of 2, under 80%
close grip bench 3x5 mid-high intensity
T-bar row 4x8 mid-high intensity
Post train
Lat pull down 3x12
ab circuit #2

Linear speed development
basic running mechanics, A skips, wall drills, etc.
static 10’s and 20’s
tempo runs, going court length (94 feet?) - trick here is keeping intensity LOW enough, as they’re still all out to impress here…

hip/shoulder complex
rotator cuff series
med ball push ups
training session
Max effort floor press 6x5, plus bonus
incline bench 4x8 medium intensity
skull crusher 4x8 medium
DB shoulder - choice 3x10
pull ups
post training
sn press + OH squat (barbell only)
foam rollers
ab circuit #4

The next 3 weeks of the cycle, the max effort lifts turn into full back squats, and flat benches, but only to a 3 rep max effort.
All of the other exercises change to a different variation (ex. - glute ham becomes RDL), etc. We then go to one max effort lift, one dynamic effort (but using 45 sec - 1:00 rest intervals, 45-60% tops) each workout, with additional loading as well…
Running then moves away from mechanics, and more specific to basketball, metabolically speaking…

If you want actual specifics, i’d be happy to share if time permits…What are you guys doing?

what kind of basketball work is simultaneously going on with the workouts you already listed? Daily open gyms?

Actually, very little basketball work is going on…Sometimes, the guys play pick up on Wed. night, other than that, there’s not a lot of extra basketball stressors…If they were playing pick up every day, I don’t think their legs could handle it…

Thats sweet ur guys are not playing much, my guys play year round (not my choice).

Hi, it’s v. interesting to see what goes into a basketball program.

Can you give an example of what “decel” runs are please?

Also, what are “inchworms”?

Are they anything like “monkey runs”??