conditioning for basketball

Decel is short for deceleration.
There’s a ton of good stuff on this available from the parisi dvd’s, among others…

The players work on slowing their bodies down by lowering their center of gravity (hips down) into a position that looks similar to a lunge. We slowly work speed into the drills, as they master the positions. We then work into deceleration (backpedal &change direction), think like a point guard dribbling towards a defender who then stops, “puts on the brakes”, and backpedals a step or two, these kinds of moves. They’re all pre programmed at first, but then they have to become reactionary at game type speeds…We do similar work going side/side and on angles, for defensive sliding.

Inchworms are a slow warmup/cooldown done for hip/hamstring flexibility. An athlete bends forward, touches their toes with hands, and slowly walks out to almost a pushup position, keeping the heels of feet flat on ground as long as possible. The, keeping knees straight, the athlete walks their legs up through their hands, keeping the palm of hands flat on ground as long as possible…

Hope this helps - gotta run to the soccer game tonite!

good stuff. I will read deeper into it later when I get a chance and ask questions if necessary. I just don’t want to leave this thread hanging before I go away for the weekend for my bday.

Just like you guys we have about 7 weeks until offical practice starts. Right now they are ballin" 3 times per week. It is setup so it does not conflict with lifting.
As you know each year you get a bunch of newcomers whom have no really ever lifted and totally lack GPP. What I have started to do as of last year was let the guys who have been with me all summer (fortunatly this is actually 3-6 of our best guys) stay on the summer program which is a template in which they have the “movements” listed and they pick which exercises and loading schemes they want to do based on their weaknesses/strengths. We communicate on a daily basis and this has proven to be the best way to go about things with these athletes. With the newcomers I have listed below what we will be doing for the first 3-4 weeks. After offical practice starts I will create I new template for my experienced athletes to go off of and the newcomers will be on the same template but they will not be choosing their loading schmes and exercises. For the most part I will be choosing it for them as a group with a few exceptions. The difference between the summer template and new preseason tempalte is basically a drop in volume since they now have offical practice. I would also like to note that although I am their “strength and conditioning” coach I do not oversee their conditioning. I give them basic tempo runs to do if they are not playing ball and those athletes who are dedicated get a linear speed workout progression from me. I won’t even list that. Its the same basic shit as usual.

DAY #1
1.PC Hang Progression
1-Rack Holds
3-Shrug Pull
4-High Catch

2.Teach Front Squat 3 x 10, 3 x 5
3.Flat DB Press 3 x 12
4.Chinups 3 x Max Rest 2’
5.Leg Raise 3 x 20

DAY #2
1.PS Hang Progression
1-OH Squat
2-*Progression the
same as PC using
snatch grip

2.Teach Deadlift 3 x 10, 3 x 5
3.Teach Bench Press 3 x 10, 3 x 5
4.1 Arm Row 3 x 12e
5.Core/Abs 8 x 10-40 (Pick 8)

DAY #3
1A. 1 Arm DB Snatch 3 x 6e
2A. Pushup 3 x 25
2B. Pullup 3 x 10
3A. DB Lunge 3 x 10e
3B. DB RDL 3 x 12
4A. Incline DB Press 3 x 12
4B. Lateral Raise 3 x 12
5A. Back Extension 3 x 15

With the Women I do things a little different…

DAY #1
1A. Teach Squat 5 x 5-10 for technique
2A. Teach Bench Press 5 x 5-10 for technique
3A. DB Forward Lunge 3 x 10e
4A. BB RDL 3 x 10
5A. DB Row 3 X 12e

DAY #2
1A. Teach Deadlift 5 x 5-10 for technique
2A. Teach Pushpress 3 x 8
3A. Single Leg Squat 3 x 10e
4A. DB/KB Swing 3 x 15
4A. Chinup/Modified 3 Even Sets
*(Choose 8 exercises
from list and do
10-40 reps of each)

1A. DB Squat 3 x 10
2A. Modified Pushup 3 Even Sets
2B. DB Row 3 x 10e
3A. DB Lunge 3 x 10e
3B. DB RDL 3 x 12
4A. Lat Raise 3 x 12
4B. Rear Delt (Choose) 3 x 10e
5A. Back Extension 3 x 10

Row 500m 3 x thru 3’ Rest
30 MB Chest Pass
15 Physioball Pikes
Row 500m

thanks devils, for the explanation.
In the decel, is the action to drop to a flat-foot prop first and the hips follow suit by dropping in quick sequence. Sounds like it could cause some movement of the femure across the lower leg and loosen up the knee joint, but I suppose ballers are so used to doing that naturally during the game they are immune to such injury possibilities?


quick -have a good weekend! I enjoyed seeing your basic template as well…

kitkat - In essence, what you say is correct, although we do teach to lower the hips/center of gravity almost simultaneously as the front foot hits the ground.
Unlike a barbell type lunge, though, the weight of the body and torso lean needs to be forward over the lead knee/leg.

I would like to point out that through video analysis, basketball players get in this type of position very, very often during a game - particularly the guards and forwards. I believe I saw Al Vermeil speak on this point, but please don’t hold me to it - my memory is a bit foggy on this.
While the players may not get into a perfect deceleration position every time during a game, I believe it to be important that they imprint these moves into their “neuromuscular toolbox”, so that they become almost second nature, and get into good positions even when fatigued. You’re right though - watch any video of basketball and some of those knee angles can get a bit scary, but that’s what’s happening out on the court:)

thnaks D,

my son plays ball at jnr rep level, but I stay out of it. I let the specialists do their job. But I will definitely take notice of what you’ve pointed out, partic about bodyweight over the forward leg. I’ll have to break out “ankle breakers” parts 1 to 100 and study:p