How can compression be used to speed the recovery from injury? Should ace bandages be wrapped tightly or loosely?

Give us more details on the injury.

Thomas -

Hamstring pull, felt a “snap” at about the 30y mark of a 40y dash. It’s about 5-6 inches down from the glute, slightly to the outside of the center of the back of my leg. It hurts to touch, but I feel no edema when I run my hand over it.

If you need more info, let me know.

When did the injury happen?

Roughly 6 hours ago.

Sorry about you injury. Try to stay positive and patient while recovering here.

When using compression It should not be wrapped to tight, but a little tighter than a spandex would be on you. I would compress and elavate all the time with sessions of ice.

Using compression helps prevent additional swelling. Be sure not to go to tight on the cmpression.

Ok thanks for your help. I’m going to wrap it up tonight and keep my leg elevated throughout the night. I’m also taking ibuprofen and will use ice baths 2-4x per day for the next few days. Are there any other suggestions?

Just make sure to be patient. After a couple of days try to do a little ( very light ) stretching and moveing. DONT PUSH THIS INJURY TO SOON. Follow the typical RICE theory.

If you take supplements, Fish oil, and a good antioxidant would be great.

if u can get access to EMS, very light pulsing mode to very gently work the muscle, one of charlie recommendations for a hamstring injury. i would also supplement with a ton of vitamins esp vitamin B12 and clacium as well. goodluck

schnig42, use pulsing ems if you can get it. Are you at a HS or university? Stay with an ice compression for today and then move into ice baths tomorrow. Avoid the ibuprofen as it may increase bleeding. Use tylenol if you have pain. Don’t stretch right now. Wait until the acute phase is over then soft tissue work can begin. Hard to get a feel on how severe the injury is through cyberspace. Keep on with the details.

Thomas -

Thanks for the suggestions I will switch ice compression right now and resume the ice baths tomorrow.

I’m in HS but I have a few visits left on my insurance for a PT who has done EMS on me before. Can you please describe the “pulsing” in more detail so that I can describe it to him?
I’m trying to get my parents to let me go in the near future to see someone who will do soft tissue work, but they are reluctant…do you know of anyone good here on Long Island (NY)?

I pulled my hamstring in this exact same spot during consecutive months last year…I thought my problems were over, but apparently they’re not.

Edit: Going back to the PT would require another visit to an orthopoedist…more hassle filling out insurance forms for only a few sessions…more hassle than is necessary since I’m going to Florida for a week on Sunday.

In the initial stages, gentle pulsing should be done above the injury site to promote drainage, not on the site itself

schnig42 - make sure you read the posts in “hamstring injury” as well.

If you have access to a pool - this will be your first option, before going on to the track.

From a coach’s viewpoint, my important message to you will be: BE PATIENT!!

Good luck with the rehab.

Sprintcoach -

I do have access to a pool. What kind of pool workouts would you recommend?