Compression Clothing

Hey Guys,

I’m interested to hear some opinions on training in compression clothing.

I’m thinking about getting a pair of the long tights in the above link for football training (Australian rules).

Do they provide any benefit to recovery?

A couple of my team-mates swear by them & have told me that wearing skins stops them from getting sore the day after training, although this could just be placebo effect.

Is this a useful product, or just a bunch of marketing hype?

In my opinion, compression clothing is a great think. I feel great in it. I couldn’t say it raises performance, but it gives me a great feeling for body movement which I consider as quite important.

I personally feel faster when wearing compression clothing. Perhaps less air friction? haha, it just feels better to me

Definitely could be placebo. It’s nice for cold weather b/c it keeps your warm though.

My personal experience is that they make me feel so much better when I train in them. When I ran track it was basically a requirement to have on a pair during practice (or just a unwritten rule) and a meet. I did do some research on this and I do believe there is a forum on this also but yeah I would highly recommend them.

I believe this is similar to under armours brand soon to be released to public. If this is the same thing, many pro athletes in the states have alredy been using them to sleep in for recovery.

Yeah, this alone pretty much justifies the purchase price for me even if there is no significant benefit to recovery.