Complete speed training

Just wondering if anyone in the community have the complete speed training program by Latif Thomas and any reviews. The snippets I have seen and read online have been good. Thanks

The best recipe for complete speed training is right here Trevor. The only problem is it’s too much work for most people to sit down, go through all the material and understand how things need to be put together. Up to now, the process to make the million posts from this site more consumable for the mass public has not happened. Excuses are made by people when they fail to get a result and then go somewhere else looking for better information.
There simply is not better information out there about sprint training anywhere . When you look at the those groups and or individuals succeeding in the 100 meters you will not be able to ignore the similarity of methods.
I challenge anyone to show or tell me different.
One off results don’t count. Individuals succeeding are exceptions to rules and not examples of programs.
I too constantly looked for " the answer". To which I was constantly told by Charlie that " The Answer" was in the process of a proper plan, continued hard work over time and adjusting training depending on the results.
Lots of people can run faster with some effort. But developing something from scratch is something entirely different. If you are able to develop athletes from scratch the material you use to accomplish this process is far more valuable and transferable than recipes. Components of the recipe are key or variables of the training are important… 1. THe value of the proper warm-up for example. WHy dont people understand how important it is to warm-up properly before maximum effort is added into the training? Maybe because they do not understand what maximum effort is, how to do it and what kind of rest is needed to repeat this quality of work. 2. Quality of training = ok, poorly executed pool workouts are fine but how do you ensure the highest quality of speed and the next trick is you need to repeat it , build your volumes up and do so over time.
Training is an individual game. To some extent this variable of training must not be overlooked to move successfully ahead.
I am not sure telling an entire population of young athletes to stop doing power speed drills makes any sense.
Do we need to debate for hours on end at conferences and seminars regarding drills for running? If Power Speed Drills are not required as first steps to improving
your running technique what exactly would be more effective?

Extremely well stated Ms. Coon. Particularly when you take the time to review how Charlie was so passionate about making things work. This site helped me in the beginning to study further, which for me, makes all those as referenced here incomplete.

Thanks Angela for taking the time to respond so in depth. I have gotten ton’s of useful information from this site and have copies of the CF training system which has been incredible. I’ll make sure to frequent the forums often and hopefully one day will have some good advice to pay forward as well.

trevor you need ctfs, all the forum review books, gpp video, power speed video, key concepts elite, the masterkit…you know just buy all of charlies shit! Latif thomas and many of the other yahoo’s cant hold a candle to cf. So save your pennies and either buy all you can next time there is a big sale, or buy somethiing each month. IF you really want to learn you are at the best place. But if you want to throw your money away there are plenty of places to do that.

It’s the old adage “Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime”. Lots of people just want a fish, and there’s a market for that especially at the high school coaching level that Latif is targeting, they just want a season of workouts. The problem is every situation is different and if you don’t tailor to your specific situation the cookie-cutter program probably won’t produce as good of results or might just plain fail.

Can a program like Latif’s work? It can if your situation fits the program, if your situation is too far removed you’ll be in trouble (weather, facilities, equipment, athlete motivation, training age, time, multi-sport athletes, etc. etc. the list of variables is long). It also may be an improvement if your program is nothing but running hard intervals all week long.

As mentioned by others, if you have the drive absorb everything you can on this site and through Charlie’s products, study other successful coaches of all levels (focus on their similarities more than their differences), then tailor those principles to your specific situation.

There is a reason why most of the active members are from when this site got rebooted back in 2003 because the info is here along with the knowledge.

Over ten years now reading this forum (along with the original) purchasing the stuff etc n I’m still learning just as we all are

Winning is a process and the process takes time

Chris, I do have all that and the basement tempo stuff too. Admittedly as Stikki mentioned, I am guilty of looking for the fish to be given to me and need to get back to fishing since I have an ocean of material at my disposal.

No matter what you guys say - he will purchase complete speed training…

Your an ass. But that’s some funny stuff

not going to happen.

I bought it when it was cheap. I looked through it, and haven’t opened it up in two years. I assure you there are NO new ideas there.

I read CF stuff on a daily basis, and everything I have implemented has been not just successful, but a home run.

The information here has always been great and is the best forum in the industry.

Regarding Complete Speed Training Vol. 2 by Latif, it is geared towards high school coaches who coach teams. When you don’t have EMS, pool workouts, and massage therapists on staff, how you train a high school athlete for a 3-4 month period is a lot different then training a pro or college athlete with great facilities and 100% individual attention. I always want to learn more and see what other coaches are doing, like everyone else here who promotes continuing their education.

Charlie has info on training young kids also. See key concepts elite edition.