Compex sport-P

I recently purchased the compex sport-P - fairly old compex piece of kit but I purposely purchased so I could use the specific programme application and alter the stimulation parameters via the software.

Does anyone know how to do this - there are no cables to attached to the computer? How can i design my own EMS training using this kit?

As far as I know the programmes are set. There would be no way to link this up to a computer as there are no ports apart from the 4 sockets for the ems cables. This machine is great (I have the compex sport 500) and you really dont need to change anything.

Only the very high-end Compex units may have the ability to customize settings. The majority will have pre-set programs. This is similar to the Globus units where the upper end units have the flexibility to modify programs.

Thanks for the feedback - which program have you been using?

What type of programs do you intend to program into the machine? Can you give us any detail? Goals, muscle groups, parameters and perioditization?