Competition phase layout and volume question

What would a typical weekly volume of speed work be of a competition phase??

would it also look as such?
sat/sun compete 60/100 and weights mon - tempo-med ball
tue - speed endurance or speed depending on what you are lacking?/ plyro/weights
wed - tempo-med ball
thurs - tempo-med ball
fri - off

And would Tue be dropped to just tempo if you did a PB in the weekend?
if tue speed was dropped, would you still do Weights that day?

From the CFTS book, on the Figure 6-8 Annual plan consisting of 3 periods.
seems competition volume is lower than training volume in Spp1 and Spp2 and about the same in Spp3.
Spp3 volume in traininng and competition is about the same as Spp1 and spp2 competition it seems.

According to a sample microcycle for a competiton phase
day 1 tempo
day 2 weights
day 3 tempo
day 4 acceleration work up to 30m
day 5 start practice
day 6 off
day 7 acceration up to 60m, weights
day 8 tempo
day 9 off
day 10 comp
day 11 comp

So according to this sample comp cycle,
speed work is still done, volume is lowered, weights is still done, volume is lowered
and no weights is done on competition days!
Tempo remains as per usual.

Am i reading the charts correctly?

and a competition phase lasts approx what? 1month, perhaps two? following the above style of work, rest, comp layout.

I had a question about the final taper in a comp phase. My comp is on a sunday and my speed work days are on tues, thurs and sat. So if my last speed day is thurs is it ok to take 2 days off or should i take thurs off and move my last speed session to fri.

So either

Sat- speed
Sun - tempo
Mon- off (massage)
Tues - speed
wed - tempo
thurs- speed
fri - off (massage)
sat - off
sun - comp


Sat- speed
Sun - tempo
Mon- off (massage)
Tues - speed
wed - tempo
thurs- off
fri - speed
sat - off
sun - comp

what are peoples thoughts and suggestions

10 day taper?

warm up A & B
4 x 30m
1 x 80
1 x 100
1 x 120
1 x 150
cool down

10 x 200’s

4 x 30
1 x 120 95% max


6 days
4 x 30
1 x 150 95%

5 days

4 days
1 x 30
1 x 80

3 days
10 x 100s

4 x 30 95%

1 days

If i remember, heavy legs days 6
heavy bench 3days out

yeah i have that info, but i screwed up my schedule and the meet is on sunday of this week so its to late to adjust that. So my question is it better to take 2 days off in a row or take thurs off and do some blocks starts on fri.

i would just do some easy temp from now out, then on fri like you say do a warm up A and B then 4 blocs at 95% then cool down, Sat off then sunday race fast… Wed do heavy bench

Nothing wrong in taking 2 days off, or make 1 day an extended warm up with low intensity striding. Whatever suits you best.

So, how did you go? Did the race fall together well, did you finnish off the last 40m well? Were your starts explosive?

well the race didnt go well, as i had strep throat for the 3 weeks leading up to the race. I was able to train but not at full intensity. I ran 7.57 which is about where i was last year, so im hopeful.

Next time ill plan it better.

Also time for GPP2 and SPP2, how are you coming along BOLD

Being sick is no good, hope your better soon.

Pb’s in training! No races planned, being a poor student sux. Doing a lot of general fitness and speed endurance, working on the Right to Left chart.

Yes it does suck, glad to hear you are running PB’s. You are a 800m runner right. Im 100 but trying to figure out the layout and volume and intensity for GPP2 and SPP2

Gpp will generally be only a week or two of active recovery, ie, just tempo n med ball work really.

Spp2, are you going short to long? Then distances start getting longer. If you plan for instance, going to Nationals, but have yet to make a qualifing time, then, the Spp2 will have to be done at distances of up to around 120m. Volume is around the same as Spp1, but as you can easily see, 4 x 30efforts is the same volume as only 1 x 120m. So, if you have been doing 500m of speed volume in Spp1, then 500m in Spp2 is all you do, just play with the figues to give you the volume you need.
general layout will pretty much be the same, except the time of the whole block will be shorter.
If cf ever does a seminar near you, book the ticket n flight right away, he covers all this. Its well worth it.
Hey, draw up a program if you like, based on what you did for Spp1 and what you need to do for Spp2. To help, look at the chart off Ben J’s from 1987 (i think that was the year) about how his total year was planned out. That will help tons.

Well I live in vancouver, so if he ever does another seminar i missed like the first 3, im going. I have it set up so that tues is runs up to 60m thurs is runs around 200m and sat runs between 80- 120m and also speed drills ( easy - fast - easy) My question is then charlie and you mentions spp2 goes up to 120m, but how do you manage the stimulus of the two shorter but higher speed day stimulus of tues and sat without having a longer speed day of thurs to prevent overtraining or over doing it. Or how would you manage the days as charlie has said that you would put a special endurance type runs to still get speed, but it also allows your nervous system time to recover. Any thoughts?

I think i understand your Q.?? Maybe
the special endurance runs you do on the Thurs, are aimed for above 15s in duration.
the 120’s, or up to 120’s fall under that time scale, so are not classified as special endurance.
Even though the 120’s go for longer than the Alactic system can handle, your still going far enough to clasify them being special endurance.

although, by Spp3 (if your going to be doing it?), the difference between speed sessions and special endurance sessions might be marginal at best…

The thurs session can be also managed by doing like you found in the graph off spp1, ie, shorter recoveries at the start of the block, (they will be a bit slower) and by the end of the block, you are getting more recovery and faster and faster times

the way i have it set up is

tues: accel (up to 60m)
thurs: special endurance (over 200m)
sat:speed endurance (runs up to 120m)

But if i understnad you right, youre suggesting keeping thurs around 120m as well and just shortening the recovery to keep it special enurance.

i should mention that i wanted to add the thurs workout as over 200m because i want to the 200m to start to be my focus. And ill be starting at 300s with shorter rest and as the intensity rises move to 200m with longer recoveries. So a type ends-middle training, which i know some people dislike.

Thurs like you have…
thurs, at start of Spp2 300’s (done split if you like?)
At the end of Spp2, 200’s with longer recovery done faster.

Also, if you notice the layout of Spp1; That thurs (spec end) workout is done Tue n Sat for just over half the Spp, then it swaps over to only the Thurs. I would keep that style.

That leaves the Thurs workout at the start to be the in’s n out’s and runs up to 120m. Again, at the start of the Spp, i would play with the rec so that there is minimial rec and the speed is a touch slower and techniqual qualities and very high. then by end of spp2, rec are max, speed is max and your then doing the workout twice per wk v’s only once at the start.

I love how you think man its very logical. I was thinking about what you said about having two special end days at the begining and then switching, but then I looked at the forum review charts and charlie has a weekly training template set up the same way that i put up, i think subconsciously thats were i got it from. I think that if i were to put have two longer special endurance days and and one speed endurance day then i would miss out on the accel development. I think that when the distances are 60m its much easier to have shorter recoveries and then spread it out as it may be easier on the cns. Thats why i have the accel then special endurance and the harshest of them all the speed endurance last. Just my thoughts

Which ever way you go, write out your plan, and stick to it. Once its down, have faith and follow it through. Once the Spp block is done, and your racing, then you can see how it helped you and go from there.
One thing you should i guess ask yourself:
How far can i acc out too?
That will lead to;
How long am i running in acc zone and how long am i running in endurance zone?
That will lead to;
what do i concentrate most in?
ie, If BJ is acc out to 60m, then thats 60% off HIS race, so really, more effort should be directed in that 1st acc zone.
If your only acc out to 40m, then you have 60m of endurance to try to handle. So therefore the endurnace will / should be more of a focus.

Only you - or coach can answer these Q. Once you do, then you will know how to structure your program. To get the most out of your self, be as honest as you can.

Good luck man