Competing Weekly

If competing weekly both indoors (4-6 meets) and outdoors (8-10 meets) how should one plan the week’s training from week to week. If speed is done Mon-Wed-Fri and tempo Tue-Thu-Sat in the off season would you just drop the Friday speed session? Or move the speed to Tue-Thu and tempos on Mon-Wed? Should I plan the Saturday comp as part of the weeks speed work? Ex: 4x4s and open 400s as Special Endurance runs, 60s as accels and 100-200 as speed endurance workouts? Obviously this is done with smaller lesser important meets and using a 10 day taper for more important meets. I am new to sprint coaching (relatively) and did not sprint as an athlete (unless you count spinning fast with a hammer sprinting: I did when throwing a 3 pound hammer).

Scott Weiser
New Mexico State Univesity