comments on this pic

I know that this pic cannot be very conclusive, nevertheless comments are appreciated! arent I not pushing enough? what am i doing wrong?

roch,you’re correct in saying its difficult to suggest anything from the picture alone.nothing out of the ordinary happening,one thing i noticed was grimising in the face which leads to to relax some more photos if you can

if this is a 4x400m relay, you should have the baton on your RIGHT hand, and the receiving runner should be facing INSIDE the track, thus receiving it on his left hand.

If this is a 4x100, and you are the 2nd leg, then, yes, it’s correct to have the baton on your LEFT hand. If so, too bad you drew lane 1.

The lead off leg for the 4x100 should always be on the inside, going from right hand to receiving left.

I can post some great Esmie-Gilbert relay exchanges from 1996 & 1997 :sing:

Also, making the pass with your hand that far up the baton would be very difficult since you’ll have to get very close to the next guy(assuming you are not anchoring).

maybe he’s anchoring the 4x400 and had no reason to switch hands.

its 4x200, any comments on the posture?! in the running phase of the pic shoud nt i be pushing more?

roch you will need more photos on order to see exactly what you are doing

Originally posted by fjlee
I can post some great Esmie-Gilbert relay exchanges from 1996 & 1997 :sing:

can you post them? I am in relay also…is it 4x4 or 4x1? i am not sure who those people are…have any video of 4x1 exchanges?

here goes nothing, looking forward hearing your comments! by the way i am the guy in red…

it looks like you’ve popped up too much on pic 2 coming out of your blocks

The amount of forward lean is dependant on the amount of acceleration you can exert. What’s the performance here?

Nice pics :slight_smile:
Your arm action looks a little constrained to me but it could just be the pic.

roch 4+5 look real good,getting full extension and nice posture.#9 is fine but the only prob i can see in #9 is the up swing on the right arm,try to have it more open rather than hanging onto the chest.pretty good,now we can see whats happening

regarding to Charlie´s question, my first year ( 5 years ago) i ran 10.64 (+2.4), after that it was all injuries. This season i have trained well finally! However i feel that i am not taking full advantage due to my technique?! i don´t fell at all that “up and down feeling” many talk about…any comments? The pics were take during training.

roch try to get more range in the arm swing.just look at picture #9,on the up-swing the arm could be opened up more thus creating extra lenght.on the note of the up and down sensation,don’t worry about will happen as you are looking sound.just relax,let it happen and open up the up-swing of luck!

BTW any more detailed photos of your start,can set you up nicely with a better start