combine training

would defranco’s 6 week vertical program be good to do before my combine date if my vertical is lacking. i am bench 355, squat 465, clean 305, 40yd 4.4 but my vertical is lacking…

I don’t recall off hand the loading parameters of Defranco’s program, however, just by looking at your numbers I feel that it is safe to say the what ever program you utilize must 1. emphasize the actual skill/technical aspect of counter movement jumping, and 2. emphasize the reactive component with drills/lifts that work the capacities to the right of the F:V curve. I say this because your strengths (capacities to the left) are solid, especially if you are in highschool.

How old are you?

At this point in the season I am curious as to why you are thinking about a combine. When is your combine date?

Sounds like you’ve got a lot working for you now, so be careful about changes that might drop the performance in 4 while raising it in 1.
Maybe some work on the technique of the vertical or a minor shift in emphasis as James suggests.

thanks for your response charlie. my uncle is a scout for the detriot lions and many years ago you came down and made a speed and tech video with bert hill the old strength coach, do you still use those drills (med ball core work and starts etc.) on the video you really stress core work.

i have several dates i have a workout with 2teams in april then my personal workout is may 1. i am planning on doing indoor track from jan 17- march 11.

That was a tape made for Detroit as a support for what I saw them doing there at that time (spring 1992), it’s not an overall plan and was not intended for release beyond the team.

Well, you have plenty of time to increase your VJ and the indoor track will give you plenty of Rate dominant work. Thus, I would say that all you will need to do is incorporate some ‘VJ’ specific/reactive drills into the program that you are already performing. The days on which you perform this specific work will depend on the type of split that you are already performing as well as your practice schedule for track.

people on this site may think my training is unorthox, but the coach i am working with is great. i am in the 9th week of training and its going great. our training is really basic this cycle.

phase 1: 3 day spilt
1 arm snatch
hang clean
back squat
42in box jumps
bench press 1: 225 workout
hanging leg raises

power clean
clean pull
sled tows 6x20x25lbs
walking lunges
glute ham
erect bend

hang snatch overhead squat
hang snatch
spilt squat
bp 2: 225 workout
mb toe touch
mb woodchoppers
mb russ twist

bp 1:
bp: singles start light progress each set to max single
plate raises 4x20
db tricep ext 4x20
1 arm row 4x20

bp 2:
bp: 100 total reps @ 225 every 60sec
plate raises 4x5-8
db tricep ext 4x5-8
1 arm row 4x5-8

Well, the key, as you stated, is that you are making great progress.

A few thoughts on the split.

  1. The inclusion of the bp workout on day 1 and 3 sure does make for a tremendously high volume workout in addition to all of the other lifts/drills that you perform on those days.

  2. Be careful in working up to a 1RM on the bench every week. You will plateau and regress if you do this for too long (usually more than 3-6 weeks depending on your level of intra muscular coordination) and based upon your strength, speed, and the volume of OLifts that you perform, I would say that your CNS/MU recruitment is very efficient. Oddly enough you state that you are 9 weeks into this program, and apparently you are still making progress with your 1RMs week after week. This is unusual.

  3. With all of the Olifts and box jumps, assuming you are not overfat, I am surprised that you feel that your VJ is sub par. What is your VJ and how old are you?

i am 21 with a 34in vertical jump. yes the volume may seem high but my work capacity is also very high from many years of training since i was in the fifth grade. yes i ave about 5lbs per week on my bench… i have never been a bench press guy it has always been my weak link. LOL LOL i am kinda fat i am between 9-10% give take 2% i really would like to try and get down to about 7-8 while maintaining my 200-205lbs. i am very lean all over beside my midsection… and i hate hate doing cardio/long boring type of training so i think ill never drop bodyfat.

Just keep at it man and whatever you do avoid the cardio, especially right now!! Like you said when we spoke, your eating has been bad and that’s going to have to change, and when it does, you should see some serious improvement. Talk to Jeff in the meantime and check out Xcell:

Talk to Coach Clark about the specific combine prep and i’m sure he can adjust your training for it.

Also, send me your e-mail address again and list your sprint and agility prep work as well.

If 355 at 200 is your weak link than you are good to go my friend.

As speedkills said, stay away from long duration low intensity cardio. Just suck it up and adjust your diet. You can’t put shit fuel in a race car and expect it to run at 100%. First off, 9-10%BF is good. However, the leaner you are, in conjuction with the proper training, will render you that much more capable of jumping higher and running faster.

Keep up the good work.

Yep Yep. Kaizen.