combine programs and trainers

Who are best trainers for the NFL combine?

Based on past success, I’d say:

Martin Rooney, Parisi Speed School

Mark Verstegen, Athletes Performance

Joe Defranco, Defrancos Training

Michael Boyle, Mike Boyle S&C, Athletes Performance

Tom Shaw, Tom Shaw Speed Enhancement

schroder too, I think he works through protect management in corporation with most of their clients preping for the combine.

hands down tom shaw great guy…

how much does the training with these top coaches usually run??

Anywhere from 1500-3000 Dollars on average.

Anywhere from 1500-3000 Dollars on average
That sounds very cheap. How many hours of work does that entail?

our days were as follows:
7 wakeup
730-800 breakfast
8-9 mon/fri rehab
9-1030 speed develp
1030-11 regeneration shake etc
1130-1230 lunch
1245 fill workout manual/vits/warmup on cardio
1-230 strength work
230-3 massage therapy
530-630 position drills
630 dinner
730-9 relax
930 snack
wed/sat: flex/aerobic and pool work
6 weeks

The AP program will be more expensive. Those numbers are assuming about 1 month of preparation time. I think the standard prep time at AP is 6-weeks and some guys will train for nearly 3-4 months for the combine. Most of these programs run around 500-1000/week.

wow…does everyone these days aspiring to be drafted go to these trainers before the combines and pro days??

LOL seems like it. I used the same coaches I had in college for free.

This is normally okay depending on the coach. If you were B.J. Johnson it would be a bad idea unless you like being “mad dogged” around the weight room. Senior year Roy Williams trained at API and had a fantastic pro day (he probably would have without them, but he trained there and had a good pro day so that says something) while B.J. stayed at UT and trained in their strength program, pulled his hamstring on the 40, missed the rest of the pro day, and went undrafted.

remember that investing only thousands can get you millions…500 dollars? for a week? Plumbers are more expensive and I work with a guy for 6 hours a day if they need massage and other requirements. I have not done combine work for a few years since many programs are what I call cattle farms. Train large groups of 30 guys and hope for a few to pop a good one. I would rather get guys hungry to get better, not just to draft better so they have a bigger strip club budget.

  1. Tom shaw is unbelievable
  2. Chip Smith, Competitive Edge Sports in Atlnta does some really neat things and gets great results.
  3. Mark Verstergian Athletes Performance

Clemson, would you consider doing combine work? On a one on one basis, and if so how much would you charge? How long would you recommend to train?

Ask Clemson about Tom Shaw. He’s not too unbelievable, just popular.

tom shaw = overrated.

funny you say that…i’ve heard the same thing more than once

The Parisi group is one that definitely uses at least some CF training principles.

Did you go to the UT pro day this year? If so, could you give us some details? Thanks!