Cold Weather Training

So, I was just curious how one should train in cold weather, now that winter is coming up.

I can’t train indoors, and am doing a mock indoor meet, since I’m still in high school, and am going to have to wait until college before getting indoor meets. So, what would you all recomend for someone to train outdoors during the winter time? I think I may buy some armor all long pants maybe, if that would work.

Any tips or stuff one should do or wear when training out in the colder weather. Also, I live in the south east part of the US, and cold weather is a factor. It may not get more than a flurry of snow once a year, if even that, but the temperature gets down there.

So, again, any tips or what one should do or wear while training outdoors during the winter time?

Oh come on… Georgia!!! I wish we had weather like that here in Pittsburgh. Anyways, the long pants will work, as will a longer warm-up and possibly some more carbs before your work-out. If it is too cold to train, you can increase the volume a bit with other modalities (like weights).


No imitation crap.

Hey, I also need to learn more about this topic. It’s getting down right cold here. Today, it’s only supposed to be 55 degrees and I need to learn how to adjust to this. Is it just a matter of warming up sufficiently?

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C’mon guys. Yes it’s just a matter of warming up and staying warm.

Like Clemson said, underarmor cold gear. I wear that and sweatpants and a t-shirt and a hoodie and run sprints. As long as you feel warm, you should be fine. What else are you gonna do? Jog on the treadmill inside when it drops below 50?

55 F and cold :confused: …man up! :eek: that’s just about summer temps here :smiley:

active recovery such as some hurdles, medball work, prone core, and other things. I also think too much loose layers is a no no. Renaldo use to shovel the track and though about how “Greg Foster never had to do it in LA”. Adjust…Alan Wells?

I get out when the temps are as low as mid-20s, provided there’s not too much wind or snow.

Dress properly, warm up well and run your regular workout. The only problem I typically have is the rest interval, which I tend to shorten when it’s very cold. But that tends to be OK, I think, because the intensity is somewhat reduced due to the cold. I also try to keep moving – light jogging – between reps or fast walking to keep from cooling down too fast.

True - the big danger is not gettigng off the field the minute you’re finished - no standing around stratching yourself and getting cold.

Get in and get clothes changed from the wet gear that is covered in sweat.

By the way it’s only as cold as you tell yourslef it is.

I loved a quote I got from another website about balls to the wall training and fatigue…

“My CNS feels exactly as I tell it to feel”

I love it

What about creams/lotions that maintain the muscles warmed?
Any feedaback/suggestion ?

I’m in the Northeast, limited indoor facilities, I do as SPEEDZ stated, however, when doing SE with longer recoveries, I go to my car , turn the heater on, then come out and do some easy tempo, then commence with the next rep, seems to work. :smiley:

Are ya’ll serious? Doing workouts outdoors when temps are in the 20’s? I can’t imagine what I’d do. I admire your alls courage to get out and do that and here I am complaining about 50 degrees. :slight_smile:

Believe me, if I had other options – warmer weather and indoor facilities – I’d take them. I get to an indoor facility about twice a week, which is enough to handle the max speed stuff. The other days, I go out for the tempo work, maybe another speed day – or just do tempo-style training on an exercise bike and/or a jump rope.