Cold Weather Strategies

I’m sure this has come up before, but has anyone any cold weather training tips to share? We might have access to an indoor facility once a week from mid-Nov thru to the beginning of March, but aside from that it is outside for everything, but lifting. Also, any adjustments to speed development (ex: increasing plyos to account for less sprinting, etc.)? I figure tempo can be done outside if the track is clear and the rest periods are short. Warm-up and warm-down inside. Circuits inside. Special Endurance outside? Accel work out of blocks? Max Velocity work most definitely inside. We average a high of 50 during the winter with 5-10" of snow a year. Not as bad as some of you deal with but any training adjustments to make - lower expectations? lower volume?

Coach Weiser
Wayland Baptist University

Bump, i doubt i can sprint inside the school, and i might have to sprint on my road if the track isnt clear

If there’s snow outside, am i pretty much screwed?

Invest in a good snow shovel

I’d like to hear more about this as well.


I’m in the same situation as you guys. makes me want to move back to Jamaica or some place warm for the winter! (wish it was that easy)

But as i see it, tempo, if you use your head can be done indoors, just about anywhere. The big problem is the high intensity days. If you can make it to an indoor facility twice a week you’d better off.

If not then how about going heavier with the weight or adding more plyos, or more olympic lifts?


We used to run in the hallways of the school buildings at night. Or do runs, jumps etc up the stairs of the buildings.

yeah winter time was for getting strong and explosive. Lots of OL’s of course!!!

we also used to do runs with a band attached to our waste and the other end atached to the wall or a partner holding it. basically the band would hold us in place while we ran for 5-8 sec. probably not the most optimal way to train, but when there is 5 feet of snow outside and you have no indoor facility you have to make do. It was good though, we could have up to ten athletes sprinting at one time. which made the workout move along smoothly.

“tows” are fantastic. Do them with a partner and have them walk at walking speed while you high knee run in front of them, towing them along. awesome horizontal and vertical impulse.


yeah I liked them and we could do them with not alot of space. It worked well too because we used the jump stretch bands for our lifts too.