cockysprinter's results

march 23, 2005
100: 11.9 ht
300: 44.7 ht

300 time is horrible, if its not hurdles. Are you sure thats? If you can run an 11.9 I’m sure you can run faster then 44 in the 300. I’m a high jumper and run 39-40 seconds two or three times in a row for our workouts. The fastest I’ve clocked on the 100 is 12, that once only once after a workout. I’m not a sprinter though.

hijump give the guy a break, maybe he had a bad race or doesnt have any speed endurance work in yet.

Congrats on your times cockysprinter, how old are you?


I remember him saying that he was a hurdler, so there’s a good chance that’s a hurdle time, which is not bad at all for the first of the season. Even if it’s not, we all have our off days.

didnt mean anything bad. sorry. 100 time is like the same as mine. 11.9 in the 100 and 44 in the 300 dont real come together. I maybe wrong. Thats only about 3 14.something 100’s in a row, if that was non hurdle 300 time and a 100 at 11.9 then u have a lot of room for improvement which is good.

it was a hurdle race. ive never been able to find an open 300 race. it was still a horrible race, i probably couldve cut 2-3 seconds off easy.

and im 18 chris.

at age 17 I had about the same times so its possible to run 11.9 and 44.0 for a 300m

you cant really find 300 outdoors much. They do have the open 300 at some indoor meets.

the indoor meets up here dont have 300s either.

march 31, 2005
sammamish dual meet @sammamish
110: 16.3
300: 42.1

my 110 race was garbage. i was on my way to a PR i think until one of the last hurdles. i hit it, messed up my rhythm pushed down the next hurdle 4 stepped another one and jogged to the finish line. im surprised i wasnt DQed for pushing the hurdle with my hands.

the 300 im proud of. i won the race by a good 2+ seconds. i think if i fix my last 100m a bit and go out a little harder i can cut off another second pretty easy. after that itll be hard work.

our team dominated the hurdles. we took 1, 2, 3 in the 110 and boys 300. we took 2, 3, 4 in the 100 hurdles and 1,2,3,4 in the girls 300.

42.1, that’s really good for the second time of the season. Congrats.

When you run the 300IH, do you have the same lead leg every time or do you just use whichever leg is in front at the time?

good job. 42 is pretty good for a 17 year old in the 300h. Sorry for the previous post, didnt mean to bring you down or anything just confusion

nah its fine. im 18, though i did run 41.99 when i was 17.

oh and mister c, i generally decide which leg im going to use as i come up to the hurdle. sometimes its the same, but not that often.

april 2, 2005
holder relays invite
100: 12.0

didnt run the 300 cuz i didnt feel up to it. the winning time was 42.1, so i couldve won easily if id had the food and sleep.

april 8, 2005
110: 17.2
100: 12.1
300: 44.2?

i swear they build winds into these tracks. it was so bad i couldnt 3 step a bunch of the hurdles! my 100 was the 3rd fastest of the day, which was weird. my 300 was weird too. i took it easy the first 200 meters (which i shouldnt have done) because of the wind, and then it annahilated my time on the final straight. i won but i am not proud :mad:.

when you can’t 3-step do you revert to 4 or to 5? I’m assuming 4 since you need to be able to do hurdle with both legs for the 300’s, but some people really insist on only leading with one and then have to realy stutter with 5 steps.

Some people meaning me:) It really sucks to have to do that.

youre right i never 5 step. if i have to i 4.

renton invitational
110: 16.01
300: 42.65

the 110 felt nice, ive never felt that quick between hurdles. i dont know if it was my best race though, cuz i ran 15.7 ht. the 300 was pretty bad. my pace was good, but my hurdle clearances were absolute garbage. i maintain that i can run low 41, high 40 if i get my race down. i finished 7th and 3rd respectively.

the conditions at this meet were nice i might add. mostly sunny with a tailwind on the 110s.

EDIT: those were elcetronic times too

april 21, 2005
mt. si dual meet
110: 15.0
100: 11.8
4x1: 45.0
300: 42.1

this is how i get down when i PR. you read that right, 15 MOTHERF***ING FLAT. this was a race for the ages. i got only got second beacuse i smashed the 9th hurdle. if i hadnt i wouldve won and got 14.7/14.8. im so excited about this race, its a .7 PR. i made some tweaks to my form and figured i could run 15.3 or so, but 15.0 blew my mind. i cannot be any happier with this race.

the 100 was right after the 110 and i was fried. there was literally one heat between my massive 110 PR and the 100. i think im done with this race for the season.

the 4x1 was alright. i think my leg coudve been faster. our 4th leg runner is out with an injury so well likely run low 44s as soon as hes back. were ranked 2nd in the county now.

the 300 was ok too. my pace again was awesome and my form was garbage. i also smashed the last hurdle on the curve which messed up my time.

overall, great meet. this was basically the county championship for me, since all the top runners in my events were there. i cant wait, im gonna be running in the 14s!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: