Cockysprinter's journal

hey my name is Derrick Brito. i post on a number of forums where im known as cockysprinter. im starting this journal so i can hopefully get some input on how to better my training. im 17 and just finished my junior year. ive been doing track since 6th grade but have only trained in the offseason this past year. i recently switched to a more quality based program and my improvements have been pretty good. but my program was a little sloppy and so i think i have a lot more inprovement in me. ok some PRs:

10th grade
100: 12.3
110h: 16.9
300h: dont know, between 44 and 46?

11th grade
110h: 15.7
300h: 41.99

12 grade goals
100: 11.0
110h: 14.2
300h: 38.7

ive set some pretty high goals because next year will be my last year and i want to take at least one school record. i think all of them are in my reach, because im pretty sure i can make at least the same inprovement in the 100, i never got to run my best time in the 110 hurdles, and i didnt take the 300s seriously until i fell in the 110 hurdles at the county championships. alright i think that does it for introductions, ill post my first workouts later today. oh yeah, during the summer i plan to work on fitness a lot because ive realized that i am seriously lacking in that department. once september hits i plan to go into full blown track focus, but during the summer i want to get into the best shape i canand do my martial arts. thanks and hopefully ill be hearing from you guys!

Haha yes, I see you finally managed to register with the right name :smiley:
I never noticed you were a hurdler before, good luck with that. I’m hoping to set a school record in the hurdles next year too, though you wouldnt know it from my speed right now (sucks). Good luck with that, and make sure to keep us updated.

yeah i was lookin at my name and thinking cocktsprinter sounded slightly…inappropriate. anyways, yes i am a hurdler too. if youll notice i posted in a lot of hurdling threads :D. and if i remember correctly you seem to be pretty good in the hurdles, a sub 15 PR? and heres my first posted day of training in this log.

june 16, 2004
10 bodyweight squats
50yd accel w/ walkback
taraoke 10 steps each side
50 yd accel w/ walkback
10 front lunges
50 yd accel w/ walkback

hang clean: 4s10r@65
deadlift: 4s10r@183
military press: 4s10r@65
upright row: 4s10r@65
i did these circuit syle in 35:02
that is 7.193 pps

wooooo hurdlers! I am one too. :smiley:
I will be interested to see what you do for work over the summer- I’m trying to make the jump to the next level as well and a summer program is important.

maybe we should make a club :D! like i said during the summer ill be working a lot on my work capacity and general fitness. i should be doing a fairly large amount of random things, though im gonna try to stick to my weights program for at least 6 weeks. maybe ill explain my reasoning for the weights ;). i read this e-book and though the weight routine was garbage i thought one thing was interesting, the way he measured intensity. so hence my program. i did the weights circuit style with about 60% or less of my max weights and timed it. i lifted a total of 15120 lbs in 35 minutes and 2 seconds. i did the math and its 7.193 lbs per second. i have 4 seperate routines so ill measure my progress in each of those workouts as i go along. i think its a decent way to measure how im coming along in both aerobic and anaerobic fitness. ill do one of them each weightlifting day and i have 3 per week right now. other than that right now ill be doing a lot of extensive tempo because my aerobic shape sucks majorly. i might do some intensive tempo, but i dont really like it so not so much. i might do some long slow runs, basically anything to keep me active. i wrote a lot… to finish it off, my fitness i think is my weakest aspect so im going to work on it a lot.

Sub 15 pr, I wish :rolleyes: I’m justing working on speed right now for football season. Also, thats an interesting way to measure progress on your weights routine. I’ll have to see how you do with that, and maybe work that into my training if you have good results.

oops, i dont know how i got mixed up with that. i just looked in your journal and saw your PRs. its ok, youre only a freshman or sophomore right? the interesting measurement im doing for fitness purposes only though. obviously if im doing weights for max strength id meaure by how much weight i can lift :D. good luck with your own program mr. c.

june 17, 2004
DoC: bodyweight squats
leg raises
leg rotation
back hyperextension
time- 28:48 avg 14.444 reps per minute

im in laughable shape. 28:48? dear god. oh well im workin on it maybe ill be able to get an extensive tempo session in later today. not likely though.

I could be wrong here, but I don’t think I am…
I would not do long, slow runs unless you are going out for XC! What might benefit you more is intervals if you want more volume.

My favorite from last year was this:
-5 min. warm up jog
-5 min RUN
-5 min. jog
-4 min RUN
-4 min jog
etc for 3, 2, 1, then 5 min jog to cool down then core work or stretch. The first few times I did it I had to walk for parts of the jogging sections near the end, but i worked up to the whole thing. You just need to make sure the running part is at a pretty decent clip!

I used to do the long run thing just because I liked to, I didn’t go crazy but I got up to 70 minutes continuous… this helped my fitness a lot for the endurance requirements of field hockey, but I’m sure it didn’t do much in terms of speed or speed endurance which is probably more what you will want. FAST TWITCH ALL THE WAY :stuck_out_tongue:

well if track were my life id agree with you. however, im also a pretty hardcore martial artist (sometimes). and since most of my fitness work is gonna be fast twitch, i dont think a little distance running will hurt me much. thanks for your suggestions though, i might incorporate those too :).

june 18, 2004
hang clean: 4s10r@65
SLDL: 4s10r@115
military press: 4s10r@65
bent over row: 4s10r@95
circuit style, 13600lbs, 29:34, 7.662 pps

slightly higher pps but im not sure how much that means since the exercises are different. hopefully im making progress though. ill be active almost everyday so well see how my shape comes along.

june 20, 2004
DoC: squats, side lunges, leg raises, pushups

june 21, 2004
martial arts, it feels SOOOOOOOOOO good to be back. i basically took a year off for track and school and man was i so excited to spar again. unfortunately my instructor killed me with bodyweight exercises right before we sparred so my arms and legs were tired as hell before the match. since my muscles had no energy after that, i couldnt strike so i took my partner down and submitted him. my instructor said it took 3 minutes. a little too long but hey, i am SOOO out of shape, i basically rested on the ground before i made the effort to submit him. he was probably wondering where i found my new submission skills . anyways hand to hand has always been my strong point so it wasnt really a surprise i won there. he did, however, COMPLETELY DOMINATE me during our blade simulation match. that was ridiculous. ive now lost to him 4 times, all in weapons competitions. it wouldnt be so bad, but i didnt beat him once. alas, there is always wednesday.

june 23, 2004
martial arts again. i submitted george again.

june 24, 2004
bench: 12@90, 10@90, 6@120, 4@140, 4s3r@155
squat: 11@95, 9@95, 6@120, 4@140, 4s5r@155
a set of 5 pullups, palms parallel

june 25, 2004
shoulder height pull: 5@135, 3@153, 6@153
deadlift: 1@319

june 26, 2004
deadlift: 1@319 - this didnt hurt me at all unlike the last time i was using 200+ weight.

grappling with my girlfriend :smiley:

june 29, 2004
martial arts

june 30, 2004
martial arts

july 3, 2004
deadlift: 11@144, 9@144, 6@188.5, 4@223, 1@266, 1@266

i guess 1 rep i can more than a thousand pounds