Coach doesn't know what he's doing

My track year (we train the entire year) has done a lot and developed most of our sprint forms using a lot of tempo (intensive). Problem is all the fast people are fast by talent and Im naturally fast along with some proper speed work and weights I’ve done.

His occasional speed work is using mainly 20m, a couple 50-60m on bends ONLY, and then goes over to running intensive tempo. Too much intensive tempo combined with some speed work, not nearly enough recovery inbetween runs.

Static stretching before and DURING the workout.

Any help?

How bout saying you don’t want to do track anymore, then a few days before the first meet say you are interested again after doing you’re own training while you “quit.”

Only other alternative I feel is useful with this is the things you feel are beneficial to you do with 100% intensity, basically be a lazy ass on things you feel aren’t helping you. Maybe do your own speed work and think of practice as a loosening up or tempo type session.

Find a way to make it work.

Second part is pretty good advice, I’ve turned a lot of the intensive tempo into extensive.

How about listen to the coach, maybe he knows what hes doing.

He is basically working against every SINGLE one of charlie’s methods, noone improves either other than the very talented guys or me.

Very good point. Strategy is everything.


I do the complete opposite of many of charlie’s methods as well and I have been sucessful.
As is Clyde Hart (Baylor), Lance Brauman (Formerly Arkansas), John Smith (HSI), Phil Lunden (Minnesota), Mark Guthrie (Formerly Wis. Lax) The St. Augustine coach, Tom Tellaz (Santa Monica) and a ton of others whom are sucessful. There are many ways to accomplish the same result with different individuals however you will not know this unless you try them all and figure out what works for you and disguard what doesn’t. This is a long process. I have been training for 12 years and have used many different types of training programs.

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sorry but limited recovery time inbetween sprints?
static stretching before speed work?

It all depends on what cycle your in and what he’s trying to develope in you.

only thing ive seen periodized in his training is cutting out strength work entirely during main part of season.
Im flexible, dont see why static stretching before the workout is good at all!

how is limited recovery time and intensive tempo in the same session going to make you faster?

Um, you know charlie static stretches before workouts…

I believe charlie does some static stretching before speed. If I recall it is intended to only go to the existing range of motion and not intended to increase range of motion.

The whole “dynamic warm-up” "no static stretching " before activity is bull in my option. It is a recent trend based on unreliable and incomplete studies.

There is nothing wrong with a light static stretch before the warm-up…(my opinion).

you were reading my mind Mortac8!

Lance, John Smith, and Tellez are opposite of many of Charlie’s methods? Not sure about that exactly. Different, but there are very sound principals that are present in all, which is the most important thing anyway.

I have no idea whether or not the original poster’s coach is a good, okay, or bad coach (hasn’t told us enough), but I think there are principals that you can see that carry over from group to group. There are some exceptions–Clyde Hart, Minnesota, and some other programs do very little speed work, but they also don’t produce 100m sprinters and with few exceptions, 200m sprinters either. Look at who is getting what talent and what they’re doing with it year to year.

Brauman and Tellaz programs are totally different than what Charlie typically does. I can’t even think of principals that are even close unless you want to be totally vauge. Incomplete rest between reps. No real extensive tempo and speed work sparingly, working hard every day, long to short much different than how Charlie does Long to short …etc etc etc. And regardless I also named quite a few others. Lets not derail this thread but rather keep it on track discussing how just becuase this athletes coach does many things different than what Charlie does doesn’t mean its wrong.

Sparingly when? Early season, yes, but when the season (and late preseason) is around they are definitely doing speed work. Look up the posts made by a coach who observed some of their workouts. Sled sprints, speed change drills (EFE and FEF), FAST special endurance reps over 150-300 (1-3 reps) with long recoveries, etc. Their fall training is a lot of tempo (intensive and extensive), no doubt, but not the stuff later on in the year (as posted by both his athletes and people that have observed the workouts). Lamont Johnson (guy who has trained with Brauman and is the athlete in his dvd) told me he was very surprised when he saw Spearmon run a 200m in under 20secs in practice in 2006, by himself, and that was it for the running workout.

working hard every day, long to short much different than how Charlie does Long to short …etc etc etc. And regardless I also named quite a few others. Lets not derail this thread but rather keep it on track discussing how just becuase this athletes coach does many things different than what Charlie does doesn’t mean its wrong.

I’m not trying to derail it, just saying that if there are certain things not present in the program (and results aren’t there), then there is reason to ask/discuss/question what is going on. A lot of guys do a great job recruiting and it doesn’t really matter what training they have their athletes do as long as they don’t get them hurt.

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I heard quite the contrary from an athlete who ran with Santa Monica when Carl was there. Only similarity is that they did some blocks work/short speed work late in the year and yes as the season progressed the runs got faster, volume dropped and rest got shorter. What principals? That you must run in practice to run better in meets? I don’t see any alike principals from Charlies coined Short to long program. Likewise everything I have seen posted on here about Arkansas has been pretty much the same thing I posted above about Santa Monica. Yes, they do speed work later in the year. That is the only similarity I see.

Agreed. But is it a lack of talent and athletes not putting out or just a coach that doesn’t know what hes doing.

So you’re the same as Charlie if you do any of the following?

a) extensive tempo
b) intensive tempo
c) speed
d) acceleration
e) speed endurance
f) special endurance I
g) special endurance II
h) lift some amount of weight