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Have any of you tried the salad I posted on one of my blogs? It’s a kale salad with parmesan and roasted chicken.

I used to eat tons more beef and stopped eating as much and wanted to start gathering more of my total calories and protein from sources in addition but not excluding meat.

I also posted the recipe and photo on the charliefrancis Facebook page if you want the recipe.

Gonna try it this summer when i have more time.

I amp’d up my smoothie game again after listening to you at the WSS. I was a smoothie lover but I got lazy making my own.
Have you ever tried Dr Smoothie? I use their stuff. 100% fruit mixes. I usually drink them for breakfast.
I try different fruits mixes but I always throw in some coconut, peanut butter, protein powder, walnuts and whatever else i have around.

Breakfast is overrated…

I just looked up Dr. Smoothie. A great idea.

My own evolution regarding supplementation began when I first started training with seriousness and vitamins made a big improvement in how I felt but the big issue for me was I ran into digestion issues.

I tried to trouble shoot those issues by crushing tablets and that was disgusting.

Musashi came along and it was power, free form amino acids which were amazing and less disgusting than anything else I had been doing but it was still pretty hard core.

When Charlie was diagnosed I bought a serious juicer and began making veggie juices with spinach and carrot and beet greens and that was AMAZING without any doubt. The issue there was the volume of ingredients, keeping them fresh, cost overall and cleaning the machine was insane. I did it and I even got the Charles man to drink them. Add apple to most juices and carrot and they are actually delicious for those who want chocolate sauce and ice cream included with all things. ( yes, I am serious)

So here I am today and I’ve found the best way for me to daily boost myself or insure my nutrition is top notch is with self made fresh smoothies.

I get why dr. smoothie is appealing but the powder taste is a big turn off for me. Don’t get me wrong. Kale and straight cocoa and beet greens can really make your smoothie look bad and possibly make it taste like saw dust. But I have now enough experience of what add ins effect the taste and how that I can mostly control the outcome.

The creators of Roots Athletic wear live in my hood and their recent venture is a live juice bar. They are spending 5 k a month for a tiny space around the corner and turning out juices in small sizes and charging up wards of 10 plus for each concoction. It’s filtered a lot to ensure “taste” and sure it’s tasty but I want the fiber and protein and all of the other benefits. No one would like how my shakes look except the people I make them for who know what they are like and have come to appreciate all the benefits.

I’ll stick with my coconut oil and yams…)

Most of my shakes include the following.

1.Always protein of some sort and I’ve experimented with egg but don’t recommend raw egg for all sorts of reasons.
2. raw peeled ginger
3. fresh squeezed lemon ( recently been doing the squeezing of 2 to 3 days worth of lemons to save time and clean up)
4. roibos tea cooled or water and sometimes pure pineapple juice or apple cider or pomegranate juice NOT from concentrate to add liquid / taste or volume
5. flax seed raw but you need to use Blendtex or Vitamix as most blenders will NOT crush flax seed and if Flax is not crushed it goes right through you without benefit
6. sometimes chai seed but chai adds a lot of thickness with small amounts so I don’t use it much or often unless I am looking for thickness
7. greens in from of kale, beet greens, collard greens, broccoli, cucumber ( has a fresh taste with cilantro can be really lovely) spinach , rapini
8. cocoa for it’s neurotransmitter qualities ( it’s powerful so don’t need to use much and the taste or flavor might overpower other tastes
9. fresh or frozen fruit. ( if you use fresh you might want to add ice as I don’t like shakes that are room temperature or warm and ice adds fresh taste ) banana and straw berries are easy and really good in shakes. Blueberry makes shake very thick and hard to drink so might need to add more water or other liquid
Extras I like adding coconut milk if i am doing a pineapple and banana/ I also like almond butter but it’s expensive but an excellent form of fat and protein and fiber
recently been upping the amount of my good fats in flax seed oil in addition to UDO"s choice oil.

Great article here to check out.

Thinking about you today Ange. :angel:

I hadn’t been on the site for a while and was surfing around when I came across this, and the kale salad above. Can’t wait to try both :adoration:
Ange, is there a thread devoted to these tasty recipes that you could point me too?

This is a one of my favorites borrowed from Ben Pakulski that he calls Morning Glory
1 scoop vanilla protein
1 banana
½ pomegranate
2 tablespoons organic yogurt
1 cup spinach
½ avocado
filtered water

Interesting. I will check out your sources.

How about I devout a new thread to Tasty recipes? Sounds like a great plan.

Tell me more about what you want from a recipe and is it just smoothies?

I also want to know who it’s for and what role does the tasty recipe have for your day or is it for your boys?

Ange, that would be awesome. I’d love to see what other people are doing. Sometimes you think you’ve tried everything there is, and then viola, something new. I grew in the days when protein drinks tasted like chalk, but today sky’s the limit. In our house we all drink smoothies, or shakes and found it’s a great way to get additional nutrients. We’ve done them for breakfast, between meals, pre/post workout no preferences. MetRX has a delicious tasting pancake mix that we like to throw in blueberries, or walnuts. Additionally, I’ll make protein cookies for my wife, but the family will usually end up eating before the wife.

Just got back from our provincial high school championships in Belleville Ontario Canada. Belleville is a beautiful town of roughly 40 thousand people near a place of spectacular places to enjoy the outdoors. It took us just over 2 hours to drive there from Toronto Canada. this link will give you some idea of the quality of Ontario’s high school championships. Historically, this meet produces results in rank behind Florida and Texas. Not sure how that stands as of 2017.

What I found interesting was how my intervention from mid February to now enabled 2 senior mens teams to achieve 8th place in the 4 x 400 meters ( see results on CharlieFrancis dot com Face book page )and 9th in the 4 x 100m with very small actual training as we had so little time.

The story told in Speed Trap is a significant story to tell as it addresses the idea of an even playing field or lack of.

Not so interestingly there has been somewhat of a war going on regarding the school coaching and club coaching. Why? I thought coaching track or any other sport under a certain age of say 21 was supposed to be about the children or athletes.

Why are kids going to track meets without food or access to food.

Why are school teachers from government paid organizations preventing private funds to look after food and transport?

How is the playing field even for kids when almost every aspect of an athletic event has been set up to foster those who have vs those who are so far behind in the economic reality of our current culture medals will not be acquired until stability has been addressed.

To me, the MetRx type shakes, bars, and what not are just regular candy bars or pancake mix with sugar or some nasty artificial sweetener thrown in. I never got any noticeable body composition change or performance change from them.

I seem to do better with less protein than I used to eat, more carb, and some fat. And eat when I’m hungry.

8 weeks out from my summer vacation, gotta step up the diet and training to get the body looking good - all vanity…

6 weight training sessions (3 upper/3 lower) + 6 cardio/running sessions. This morning I was on the go…

Meal 1: 2 scoops Whey protein - coconut oil

Meal 2: 2 scoops Whey protein, Natural peanut butter+flaxseed, and Caffeine

Meal 3: Chicken breast, Green beans, hot green tea

Meal 4: 2 scoops whey, caffeine, trail mix, peanut butter

30mins into training - 1 apple or banana

Meal 5: Black beans, Chicken, spinach salad

Before bed: Fish oil or Peanut butter

Peanut butter and trail mix are the snacks i munch on throughout the day… Usually have more solid foods but I was busy this morning…

My wife is on a similar plan but her training is 4 days of german body comp while my training is pretty standard…

If you want noticeable body comp changes try 24 fasting, lunch to lunch or dinner to dinner 1 per week then 2 x per week but take weeks to acclimatize. Make sure your fats are good and protein high quality but keep after the water and fiber. You are right about the protein too. First thing that you might notice is how quickly you get full as the stomach changes size and the chemistry behind the fasting is interesting. M R x type stuff is for profit. If Charlie was looking for profit he made a serious error. Leave that to other organizations that operate now. wink nod. We need to be personal innovators when it comes to results as there is so much info out there it is mind boggling.

[b]Anyone been trying the coffee with coconut oil ? I love it.

Oh you can also try this. Eating from 10am to 8pm which is 14 hour fasting and make sure those meals you eat between 10am and 8pm are 5 hours apart. [/b]

[b]Yuck on the protein powder but maybe it’s needed? Size or muscle density? What are your goals?

And have you been trying the 5 hours between meals or not?

Almond butter with celery is one of my favorite treats. Love it better than peanut because I do and it’s supposed to be a cleaner food but who knows. Peanut butter is for sure less expensive and that is a good thing for the pocket book.[/b]

I have been doing coffee with coconut oil and heavy cream for some time. I like it and feel that it provides good energy. I will normally eat my first meal somewhere between 10-12 and have my last meal before 8pm. I know this is exactly what you mentioned. The only other thing I do is a little bit of carb backloading. It’s easy to stay fairly lean and energy levels are stable.

you are drinking bullet proof coffee. I hate coffee so I just do pills. Ive been doing coconut oil stright. I also just got some pure MCT oil. I eat depending on how late I ate the day before. Today I didn teat until 1pm and felt fine. I had hunger pains at 9am , but they went away.