Clocking 30 meters

I understand self-hand held timing is relative, but what do you guys think is a respectable self timed 30 meter from a standing start…especially you advanced sprinters.


self hand timed for 30m I’d have to say just under 4 if you ran times around 11 flat FAT. What was your time.

I’ve run 3.9 before in 30 meters (indoor race with gun) and my PB in the 100m was 10.86.

that seems about right then. I know I’ve run just under 4. And my pr is 11.02.

my fastest in training for a stand 30m is 3.5 but the reality states that there is 70m left and alot can happen dueing that last 70m

55mKenteris, my best is 3.74…I am mostly in the 3.8s warmed up and spiked however.

x-man what is your 55, 60, or 100m time. 3.5 is pretty fast, i’m sure you run some good times in those regardless of what happens following 30m

yeah from day one i was always real fast from the blocks

In the Tokyo World Championship final about a decade ago, where Carl Lewis set a world record, and 6 men were given times below 10 seconds, the leading 3 were timed within a hundredth of 3.8 at 30m. I would suggest 3.9(e) is appropriate for 10 dead. I have timed a10.81(e) sprinter with a good start, but poor speed endurance at 4.08(e) over 30m. Hand timing (whether self, or timekeeper) is generally at least 0.2 optimistic. To confuse the issue, many coaches time from first observed movement, or first foot contact.

From first movement from a crouching start my timer has been timing me at 3.8-3.9. HT
My best 100 HT is 10.6 and fat was 11.00.
my flying 30’s with a 20 meter zone have been 3.0.

The only way I have been timed for 30m is first foot contact from standing. 3.6 (I think). I did a 7.6 in a 60 race and died the last 10.

I was told it was a good measure of acceleration and that is all.

my best 60 is 7.09 fat.