I found some money in some guys wallet and I just found a nearby facility that has ART available. So now that I can afford it, i’m gonna go get an appointment for this month. I’m gonna fix this hamstring once and for all. But the real question here is, after I get the treatment, I wanted to stay active before I start my gpp in Sept. Usually I would just play basketball, but since it would be outside, I could do without all the pounding. My plan was to get in the pool and do some swimming. I don’t mean the sittin on my @$$ and enjoying the view of the lady lifeguards type swimming, but actually trying to get some aerobic work in. Cuz I no longer have a 6pack. This way I could get some aerobic work in, with less impact and stress. Would this be beneficial or should I just take the month off. Pro’s/Cons? Can I swim too much? Should I do it at all? What effect will it have on my running? (form, firing patterns, shrinkage;) , etc)