cleaning colon

Is colon cleansing process in a clinic safe or is the use of drugs safer

why not just eat a lot of insoluble fibred foods for a few days?

Many sprinters find lining up at the start between Asafa Powell and Tyson Gay pretty effective.

In jamaica a month before your track meet you would flush the colon herbs

whats an example of an insoluble fibred food

Nothing like that last minute weight loss!

We did that with hasani roseby when she was stuck on 7.20/7.23/7.22/7.20 in the 60m dash ,then two weeks before us national we flush the colon 7.16 it works, thanks to charlie francis you have make a better coach,with the programs and how you teach,we owe you alot

How much weight did she lose. I am not sold either way on colon cleansing but I read it may be dangerous.

In college I got food poisoning that “cleansed my colon” before our conference meet and I pr’d by .03.

She lost 5 lbs i will be back on my way to coach her right now

did she use herbs or clinical procedures

eg would be fruit n veg

eg of soluble - rice or basically ones that Swell when you add water. Avoid these at this time.

agree that herbs can help a tonn too

alot of fruit and herbs

is colonics where they flush out your system with water through a pipe just as effective

Its way better

Psyllium can be a good choice.

Or there is this: (terrific images :D)

“We are all exposed to thousands of toxins and chemicals on a daily basis” from

isn’t EVERYTHING made of chemicals? literally everything. my chemistry teacher had a little rant about people complaining about nasty chemicals, when every substance is made of chemicals.

Ok, but the concept is “toxic chemicals” and not “general chemicals”.

Yeah, but the phrasing is so general, it is misleading. I know i’m not allowed to really talk about this on this site but this is the only example i can think of right now. “an athlete took drugs” could be taken to mean “an athlete took performane enhancing drugs” or it could have been “an athlete took antibiotic drugs because he had an infection”.

Generalisation like this can lead to paranoia about modern medicine and products, leading to things like alternative medicine - people think chemicals and immediately associate it with loads of negative stuff.

I tried the herbal pills for about 2 months. I went from going the bathroom 1x a day (sometimes not at all) to about 4-5 times a day. I did notice that bloating went away from my stomach. Is it safe though? I don’t know. All I know that since I did the cleasing I still go regularly.

The colonics on the other hand are a little different. I didn’t want some guy sticking a tube up my butt. I looked at home colonics for a while then I was like wtf am I doing. Thank God I came to my senses. At one point, I was going to go see a guy in boston. After reading his website though I changed my mind. It stated that you might feel dizzy or dehydrated…and I didn’t feel like taking my chances on the subway. I don’t know if it is safe or if it is effective. There is conflicting evidence. Anyone else tried one?